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When it comes to top tips for using our toys, we like to turn to the sex toy experts – our customers. PULSE DUO is a unique couples’ toy that can be used in many different ways to turn ‘foreplay’ (i.e. non-penetrative sex) into the main event. We’ll let these real people reviews tell you the rest.

Girl On The Net: ‘I had free reign to smash my clit as hard into him as possible’

“If using a stroker is like giving hand jobs with superpowers, then grinding on PULSE DUO LUX gives me similar superpowers directly between my legs. I enjoyed the fact that I had free reign to smash my clit as hard into him as possible, and every time I did so he let out this little moan as PULSE DUO LUX throbbed harder through his cock.

“I enjoyed the powerful sensation of straddling him, looking down at his upturned face contorted in pleasure at each stroke, occasionally slipping one of my nipples into his mouth so he could repay the pleasurable favour.

“Most of all I liked knowing that if I want to tease him at any point all I needed to do was sit up a little and take away the delicious thrumming, throbbing joy that was pulsing through his dick.”

London-based sex blogger Girl On The Net is famed throughout the web for her mind-blowingly sexy stories about kink, coupledom and sex toy experimentation. Check out Girl On The Net’s full PULSE DUO LUX review here.

Loving BDSM: ‘The sound of the toy became background music’

“We’d sexted our way through the day. He’d promised all kinds of kinky fuckery, most of it involving his tongue and my cunt. Even now, hours later, I was wet, my body relaxed and loose.

“‘I will taste that pussy tonight, girl.’

“First, apparently, he wanted to play, with himself, which is always fun to watch.

“The vibrations were loud. He didn’t care.

“Finding the right position to get the best sensations took a minute. He didn’t mind.

“And once he did, he was single-minded in his pursuit. Spreading my legs painfully apart, he dove down, lapping against my slit and sucking my clitoris. He flicked and teased with the tip of his tongue. He nipped with his teeth. His beard scraped against my skin.

“I grabbed his head and held on, screeching and screaming. My thighs clamped together over his ears. He forced my legs apart, bruising my skin.

“The sound of the toy became background music. With his mouth pressed against me, his moans, as the vibrations pulsed through his cock, rumbled against my body. Every once in a while, he’d pull away to change the intensity with the remote or hit a button on the vibrator to change the pulse.” Whew! There’s a lot more where that came from. Check out this amazing video PULSE DUO review from real-life Dominant and submissive couple Kayla Lords and John Brownstone here.

The Big Gay Review: ‘His knees were buckling slightly as the oscillating PulsePlate did its work’

“I took PULSE from him, and as he stood next to me, I just placed it over his crotch on the outside of his jeans. He shivered as he felt the vibrations through the thick fabric. Before he even had a chance to react, I undid his jeans, and slipped SOLO LUX onto his slowly engorging member. His knees were buckling slightly as the oscillating PulsePlate did its work.

“Oh god…” he muttered, as his legs almost gave way under him. PULSE SOLO LUX squeezed a sizeable load from him in a mere matter of minutes. ‘Well, that worked well,’ I whispered slyly, as I handed him a towel that just happened to be conveniently placed on the chair beside me. ‘I’ll say,’ he panted.”

Please note that this is a review of PULSE SOLO LUX being used as a couples’ toy, but it was so hot we wanted to share it anyway (also to illustrate that really, all sex toys can be couples’ toys). You can find out about the differences between our SOLO and DUO ranges here. And read The Big Gay Review’s full PULSE SOLO LUX review here. We hope to see them review PULSE DUO LUX soon!

Bonus sexy couples’ reviews of PULSE DUO

Obsession Rouge: ‘PULSE is damn amazing during oral sex’ Sex Fucket List: ‘This was the first hands-free toy that has indeed made it possible for me to orgasm hands-free’. Sex Machine Reviews: “I was delighted by the sight of him, ejaculating all over his belly and chest while panting.” Find out more about PULSE DUO LUX and order now.

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