Pillow Talk on the streets of New York

Wow – what a ride! We’re still recovering from all the excitement of Wednesday last week – when we took to the streets of New York with sexpert Jenny Block, to dispense sex advice from our glamorous mobile four-poster bed!

#PillowTalk is the next step in our mission to get more people talking about sex. We teamed up with renowned sexpert Jenny Block – author of Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage – and took to the streets to get the conversation started.

And we certainly started a conversation! Jenny Block was interviewed on ABC’s Nightline – you can watch her here chatting to Stefan Doyno about the #PillowTalk campaign:

#PillowTalk – starting the conversation

The aim of #PillowTalk is to get people talking about sex – free from judgment or stigma. Our co-founder Adam Lewis explains:

“Sex can be a difficult subject to talk about for some people but it needn’t be. The more open we are about questions and issues, the more we break down barriers and the better sex lives and relationships we’ll ultimately enjoy. Chatting to a sexpert like Jenny Block can help you better understand your needs and gives your sex life a boost.”


Talking to Bravo TV, Jenny explained that the time has come for a sexual revolution:

“It’s going to be the most pleasurable and the most powerful revolution yet. Women who regularly experience ultimate orgasms have the power to change, well, everything. It’s the easiest, most delicious proposition ever. All we have to do is come.”

In the Dallas Observer, Jenny gave a bit more behind the scenes detail:

“Some passersby couldn’t wait to hop in bed and chat, while others ducked their heads and waved their arms, signalling they had no interest in talking sex with a stranger.

“And there was no clear common denominator among people who were game versus people who weren’t. I got mixed responses from people of every age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, nationality — you name it.”


Bustle loved our ‘Uber for sex advice’, and urged people to hop on board – and plenty did! Here are a few of our happy #PillowTalk-ers!

Start your own #PillowTalk

If you missed the chance to chat to Jenny when she was in town, there are plenty of other ways you can take part in our #PillowTalk campaign. Join the discussion on Twitter, and let’s get even more people opening up about sex – asking advice, sharing tips, and breaking down barriers.


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