NYC: Get free sex advice on our mobile bed!

Get ready for some Pillow Talk: we’re bringing the world’s first mobile sexpert to New York City! On October 5th, our mobile four-poster bed will be taking to the streets, and sexpert Jenny Block will be inviting you to hop on board.

Jenny, author of “Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage” is inviting New Yorkers to jump in between the sheets and indulge in a little pillow talk to get one-on- one advice on their own sex lives and sexual health.

Want to book an appointment with Jenny? Just email or tweet using the hashtag #pillowtalk. Appointments are open to people of all genders, sexualities and relationship configurations. Hop on the bed single or with partner/s. You’ll get one-to-one advice from Jenny, while lounging on our comfy mobile four-poster bed!

When: October 5th 2016.

Where: Pillow Talk starts outside the Flatiron building on 23rd Street and 5th Avenue at 9am, and will finish at the same location, 5pm.

Why Pillow Talk?

The best way to break down stigma and taboos surrounding sex is to talk about it. As part of our “Sex Not Stigma” mission, we want to start lots more conversations about sex and sexuality – and what better way to do it than by turning heads in Manhattan?

Adam Lewis, one of our co-founders, said:

“Sex can be a difficult subject to talk about for some people but it needn’t be. The more open we are about questions and issues, the more we break down barriers and the better sex lives and relationships we’ll ultimately enjoy. Talking about sex should be as easy as talking about what to order via Seamless, and that’s what we’re setting out to achieve with the Pillow Talk concept.

“The idea behind Pillow Talk is to provide a setting where couples can openly discuss their sexual issues and receive the straightforward and practical advice they need from a renowned expert.

We encourage everyone to open up about whatever it is they’re afraid to address surrounding sex; whether it’s about using toys to spice up their sex lives or to start a conversation around deeper sexual health issues such as Erectile Dysfunction or Vaginismus, for example. Whatever it is, we need to be more open as a society to shatter these taboos and help foster healthy and open relationships.”

Research reveals that 43 per cent of American women and 31 per cent of men suffer from sexual dysfunction, and 69 per cent of Americans are simply underwhelmed, unhappy or bored with their sex lives. Chatting to a sexpert like Jenny Block can help you better understand your needs – and your partners – and give your sex life a boost.

Chat to sexpert Jenny Block

If you want to slide in between the sheets of our mobile four-poster, get in touch via email or tweet using the hashtag #pillowtalk. And follow us @HotOctopuss on Twitter for pictures and updates!


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