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Penis Vibe Tips: ED, Nipple Play and More

Recently we published a post rounding up some top tips for using our new JETT penis vibe. One of the things we love most about a new sex toy launch is hearing all the different ways people have put our unique sex toys to use, and thanks to amazing bloggers and reviewers, there are plenty of top penis vibrator tips to help you get to grips with your new purchase.

But it turns out that with JETT, there were far too many amazing tips to cram into one blog post, so in this one we’re going to look at even more ways to use this unique toy.

Penis vibes: from flaccid to hard

When it comes to penis vibrators, erectile dysfunction has always been one of the things that is forefront in our minds when we develop toys. After all, our first sex toy – PULSE III – was created off the back of medical technology designed to induce orgasm in those who may not have been able to either orgasm or get hard. So with JETT, we wanted to make sure that – like PULSE III – it can be used without an erection.

Some people who struggle with erectile dysfunction may find that it’s easier to achieve an erection using JETT, although even if you don’t have ED, the ability to use the twin vibrating bullets to get yourself hard is a pleasure in and of itself… Joan Price’s tester Shamus MacDuff explained that although he’d begun flaccid, that certainly didn’t last long!

“When I used JETT for solo sex, I loved the way I could stretch out the glorious sensations by switching intensities and vibration patterns. I tried it starting with a flaccid penis (flaccid didn’t last long!), and next time with a semi-erect member. JETT’s “dual exhausts” quickly brought me to orgasm in both cases.”

And over on ManyVids (NSFW video), Alec Hardy used JETT to go from flaccid to hard, and then to orgasm, in a very short space of time.

KinkyKitten Kim’s tester explained that playing with the different frequencies was the best way to get to grips with JETT, so whether you’re starting flaccid or hard we’d recommend doing a similar thing: testing out the different Treble & Bass vibrations, as well as the patterns, to see what works best for you.

“I decided to test each frequency at a time, starting with the treble. … First, I tried all of the settings with just the treble, and it felt terrific with that alone, I also then worked with the bass on its own and had the same results. However, this becomes a different story when using both at the same time. … I had a challenging time trying not to cum while using this device as it’s so easy to find that pleasure point with the treble and bass frequencies, a truly overwhelming experience.”

Lube or no lube?

Not everyone will choose to use lube when using JETT, but we recommend using a couple of drops just to slip the sex toy onto the end of your penis. PolyRick, in his fantastic video review of JETT over on Facebook, explained that he didn’t use lube as he didn’t want it to slide off, but that you may want to if you find that easier.

Once JETT was comfortably on, with the bullets resting against the frenulum, he found the stretching, weighted sensation especially fun:

“There’s this amazing sensation that happens – when you hang it down it’s like a big weight, it almost feels like it’s working your dick out… Once you find your rhythm and you find the right pattern, it’s off to the races. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s fun and it feels fantastic. And in terms of the ‘hands free orgasm’? I can’t show you the video here but… yes!”

You can see the full NSFW video of JETT over at PolyRick’s website.

Penis vibes for nipple play (and more!)

In his review of JETT, Official Gay Guy gave us a few even more creative tips on using JETT with partners. With a little bit of lube, how about using the JETT bullets individually for a bit of nipple, ass or perineum play?

“I brought over two fuck buddies to try different things with this. One of them is very sensitive on the nipples. I put this on a weird combination (of vibration patterns) – he’s very sensitive on his nipples so I put a little bit of lube on these things and held them (against his nipples) and while he was blowing me I was rubbing them up and down on his nipples and oh my God he creamed.

“Another fuck buddy… I was rubbing one of these on his ass, and one on my frenulum. So it was vibrating with different frequencies on either of us. For nipple and ass and cock play combinations, I definitely have to recommend this.”

Check out the full video at the link above, and get playing with your own JETT penis vibe!

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