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Penis Sensitivity 101

Too sensitive? Not sensitive enough? There’s a lot of misinformation out there that sets impossible standards for penis owners. Here are some down-to-earth suggestions by author M. Christian on how to manage your penis sensitivity and get on with having the best sex of your life.

Whatever form it takes, the human body is always beautiful. And a large part of what makes us so in our sensory uniqueness. That we all experience life in a special way.

Not least of which is how our genitals feel. Sure, to someone else. But also their sensitivity. For the penis-equipped, this can be anything from not much to sensory overload.

And I’ve got good news: No matter where you are on this scale, you can increase or decrease your penis sensitivity.

Better yet, you’ll probably enjoy them quite a bit.

Brains As Well As Bodies

Physiology plays a part in how our sexy bits feel. But don’t discount the emotional side of things.

You can easily experience this for yourself. Toothaches, stubbed toes, or sore muscles–look back on when you had an ouchie.

Got it? Terrific, now did you feel it all the time? More than likely, you didn’t. The intensity likely dropped when you distracted yourself from it.

“But what about sex?” you may be asking. Well, it’s the same. Focusing too much on one thing makes it proportionally larger in our minds. And worrying about arousal or orgasming usually making it worse.

Many of the techniques here can work wonders. But before you try them, first practice support and self-assurance. The best way to do this is to remind yourself there’s no such thing as a universally perfect lover. And this goes for anyone you play with as well.

Whether coming quickly or slowly, great sex is when everyone’s having fun!

When A Penis Feels Overly Sensitive

If you still feel your penis is too sensitive, there are effective methods to reduce it.

Leading the pack is using cock rings or similarly gently restrictive toys. Briefly, these are typically loops of a flexible material placed around the shaft of the penis and typically the balls as well. Once in place, cock rings slightly reduce blood flow to and from the penis.

The benefit is they can make the head of the penis less sensitive. In addition to also making it easier to get and KEEP an erection.

ATOM PLUS cock ring splashing in waterAnd they don’t have to be a loop of rubber or latex. Our own ATOM combines cock rings with rumbly goodness. So wearing one can help you last longer, while also adding a unique sensation to solo or partnered play. ATOM PLUS LUX features two motors, one placed to titillate your perineum, and the other placed for your partner’s enjoyment. This top-shelf model also comes with a remote for easy access to its FIVE settings.

If cock rings sound too restrictive, try picking up condoms or lubricants made to reduce sensitivity.

With regards to lube, I recommend caution, as there’s a chance of an allergic reaction. To reduce this, apply a small amount to another sensitive part of your body, like your inside wrist or the crook of your arm. If you don’t feel anything but a numbing sensation, you should be good to go.

When A Penis Feels Less Sensitive

On the opposite side, other penis-equipped people may feel they aren’t getting enough stimulation.

They might pound or stroke away, and feel absolutely exhausted when–or if–they come.

If this is the case, don’t despair. There are just as many ways to do this as there are to lower sensitivity.

We even have a product that’s often perfect for this. Our PULSE line of toys uses PulsePlate Technology™ to create a unique oscillation, rather than vibration. This toy is not restrictive and doesn’t require stroking.

The couples version, PULSE DUO, features two motors and can be worn during partnered outercourse. Most commonly the penis owner will lie on their back, insert their penis into PULSE DUO, and their partner will ride on top. This way you and your lover can both get in on the delicious pulsations. The LUX version includes two wrist wrap remotes, for maximum customizability of its individually-controlled motors…or for a little power exchange if you’re feeling kinky.

Meanwhile, a different kind of condom or lubricant can be effective. But, especially with formulas designed for decreasing sensations, be somewhat cautious using them. They can occasionally increase the likelihood of an adverse reaction but otherwise can prove helpful in the bedroom.

The Importance Of Play
a femme with ragged angel wings wears a bra and BDSM style body harness, leaning over a rail and looking at the sky

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Getting to the end, I want to take time to bring up additional things to consider.

For overly and less sensitive people, masturbation may have a big impact on how partnered sex feels.

Not to say that self-pleasure is bad–it absolutely isn’t! But many times we get really used to our hand or favorite way of coming.

So much so, partner sex can seem somewhat unusual. This then may result in feeling numb. Thus we may need more stimulation. Or, conversely, we feel newness as far too much arousal.

Again, this is not a slam against jerking off. Only you should consider regularly changing how you do it. Trying another hand is one way. As are the positions you use. Or maybe expanding on your choice of lubes or sex toys.

Doing so will help you adapt more smoothly to unfamiliar stimulation, and also help to expand your sexuality. It also can increase the scope of what turns you on and how you come. Neither of which is ever a bad thing!

Trying not to make things too complicated, there’s medical stuff to take into account. This might be your diet, physical condition, or the drugs you’re taking. Recreational or otherwise.

So if feeling over or less sensitivity is a major concern, please see your doctor. Doubly so if it’s not periodic but long-term. As it could be as easy as trying new medications or changing what you eat and when.

The Best Sex You Can Have

In conclusion, I want to repeat that wanting to improve is admirable. But please refrain from beating yourself up.

Doing so will negatively affect your emotional well-being. Worse, it can give you a distorted mindset. One where sex is a competition people win or lose at. Or something to be proud or ashamed of.

It’s like penis size. Sadly, people with them might feel they’re less sexy if they somehow don’t measure up.

The reality is you’re amazing no matter what you look like. Exactly the same in how your body feels to you. Sure, you can tweak a lot about yourself. Just don’t do it to try and live up to an unrealistic ideal.

Sex, again, is about having a fun time. Celebrating uniqueness is a fantastic place to start… in ourselves as well as those we play with!

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