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Partner Has Peyronie’s Disease

My 60-year-old partner has Peyronie’s disease. It developed two years ago. The extensive bend caused him pain, and he was unable to masturbate or have intercourse. He became depressed. He had surgery five months ago to remove the bend. But now he is experiencing numbness, pain at the tip of the penis, and he is unable to keep an erection for masturbation or intercourse.

Going into surgery, the doctor said the nerves take some time to heal and penis length may be shorter. Now he is depressed because of the length and inability to ejaculate. He did not have ED before Peyronie’s. I am considering buying him the PULSE DUO LUX. What do you think?

“Partner has Peyronie’s Disease – Will this couples’ sex toy help?”

Joan answers:

Peyronie’s disease is a bend or curve of the penis caused by scar tissue inside the penis, which may have been caused by an injury during sex or sports. It can cause pain, erectile problems, and difficulty with intercourse, all of which your partner experienced. There are many treatment options, and in cases where intercourse is impossible, doctors may recommend surgery.

Depending on the severity of his condition and the type of surgery, recovery may take longer than five months. “Nerve damage can cause some decreased sensation and sometimes pain for many months postop,” says Joel R. Kann, MD. “De-emphasizing the importance of PIV [penis-in-vagina] in favor of other forms of pleasure decreases stress and the performance anxiety around erection. I would also review his meds with his doc to make sure these are not contributing to the problems.”

You didn’t say whether your partner has reported his concerns with his doctor – it’s possible that in his depression, he hasn’t. Since he is still having pain and inability to function sexually, please urge him to consult his doctor.

Shortening of the penis is common with this surgery. As his lover, you can help him see that the length of his penis has nothing to do with how well he satisfies you sexually. Yes, using PULSE DUO LUX together can be an exciting way to explore sex with bodies joined without intercourse, as long as it does not aggravate his pain. He can wear PULSE DUO LUX in missionary or woman-on-top position, rubbing against your vulva, both of you receiving vibrations. To be sure, ask his doctor whether vibration and pressure are good, given his condition.


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