National Orgasm Day: 7 Unusual Tips to Help You Hit That ‘O’

National Orgasm Day is on 31st July in many countries worldwide, and we’re sure people across the UK will be eager to join in the celebrations.

But what if orgasm is a touchy topic for you?

Orgasm can be elusive for many people, perhaps due to stress, tiredness or a few too many drinks. And delayed orgasm, or an inability to orgasm at all (known as anorgasmia), are common sexual health problems in the UK.

While we can’t guarantee everyone an orgasm (and suggest visiting your doctor if your issues are long-term), we can give you these unusual tips. Changing up your routine may help you hit the big ‘O’, whether you’re paired up or on your own this National Orgasm Day.

Unusual Orgasm Tip 1: Improve Partner Sex by Masturbating More

This one is for people who don’t masturbate very much (or at all).

If you usually rely on partner sex for your orgasm, but find it hard to achieve, it may be because you’ve never had chance to work out what you really enjoy. Masturbation is actually one of the best ways to improve your partnered sex life. Once you’ve worked out how to come on your own, you can then instruct your partner in how to get you there.

When you’ve had some ‘me time’, you could even demonstrate to your partner what you’ve learned. We promise they’re going to enjoy – and learn from – watching you!

Unusual Orgasm Tip 2 – Couples’ Sex Toys Are the Bomb

If you’ve never tried one, a sex toy specially designed for couples could be your orgasmic magic bullet. There are several high quality ones on the market that all use different technology and work in different ways. Spend some time browsing online together for the one that seems right for you both – which in itself might spark some excitement.

Our PULSE DUO provides unique sensations and hands-free stimulation during foreplay for couples, with the added bonus that it can help with erectile dysfunction. For penetrative sex, our ATOM PLUS is a next-generation cock ring that pairs an incredibly powerful clit stimulator with a vibrating ring that provides strong erections and unique sensations on the shaft and perineum for the penis owner.

Unusual Orgasm Tip 3 – Live On The Edge

Improve your orgasm by deliberately holding back from orgasm – this is the popular practice of orgasm control or ‘edging’. It sounds weird, but many not only enjoy the process for its own sake, but swear their orgasms are ultimately more intense as a result.

You can practice edging on your own, or have your partner do it for you (which adds a kinky element to the experience). It’s all about deliberately bringing someone to a plateau of pleasure and then reducing the level of stimulation before they reach orgasm, before building it back up again… as many times as you like. You can do this over the course of one evening, or over several days (hey, weeks, if you’re really committed). Sex toys can be very helpful with this as they allow you more control over the level and type of stimulation, but it can be done without them too.

Unusual Orgasm Tip 4 – Breathe More!

Often as we push towards orgasm we forget to breathe. Which is a shame because deep breaths will boost your circulation, send more blood to your genitals, and make your orgasm more intense/more likely to happen.

Next time you’re straining for an orgasm, check and see if you’re holding your breath. If so, experiment with breathing in different ways and see what effect this has. Deliberately slow, deep breaths are reported to increase the intensity and length of orgasm in some people.

Unusual Orgasm Tip 5 – Added Extras

It’s relatively rare for someone with a vagina to easily achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone (only a quarter do, according to research). But did you know that some people with penises can need extra stimulation during penetrative sex to reach orgasm too? Our Queen Bee wand toy can be used to add clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex – and the deep, rumbly oscillations are so powerful that they can reportedly be felt by the penetrating partner too.

Another option is to try pressing the Queen Bee up against a small butt plug stimulate the prostate – the ‘p-spot’ – and may well tip them over the edge.

Unusual Orgasm Tip 6 – Talk Dirty… to Yourself

This is an advanced masturbation tip that’s been reported to have explosive results. Try treating yourself as you’d like a partner to treat you. And we don’t just mean using the physical techniques that you enjoy most. Why not expand it into dirty talk too? Make lots of noise, tell yourself how hot you are, and even try masturbating in front of a mirror. It’ll give you a whole new view on what a sexy badass you are.

Unusual Orgasm Tip 7 – Copycat

Another advanced tip. This National Orgasm Day, find your favourite cam performer or solo porn scene, and see if you can ‘play along’. Masturbate in exactly the way that performer does, using the same motions at the same time. It’ll change the tempo of your masturbation, because you’re trying to match someone else, and give you a whole new experience to experiment with.


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