Myths About Male Sex Toys: Debunked


Ever since people started masturbating there have been strange myths about masturbation, and the subject of male sex toys is no different. We’ve all got to do our bit in the name of greater sexual understanding, so here are three ridiculous misconceptions about male sex toys, and why they get it so wrong.

Myth 1: Male sex toys always ‘anatomical’

Perhaps this is the fault of early male sex toy design. Back in the 80s, sex toys for men could be grouped into roughly two categories: the sex doll and the pocket vagina. So perhaps people can be forgiven for holding onto this myth, especially if their eyes haven’t been opened to the wonderful possibilities that we have here in the 21st century.

While evolution has given humans a variety of different organs to get pleasure out of, male sex toy designers have way more scope to innovate. PULSE II SOLO and PULSE II DUO are – we humbly submit – a brilliant example of the fact that male sex toys don’t need to try and mimic any part of anyone’s anatomy. They’re both made from sleek black silicone, designed to curve around the penis so that the PulsePlate™ can vibrate in the perfect place.

Designing sex toys for men isn’t just a matter of copying what exists in nature: it’s about taking what we know about stimulation, and creating a male sex toy that does the best job possible. And sometimes that involves making it look really cool: like nothing you’ve seen in your bed before.

Myth 2: Male sex toys are a ‘substitute’

Ah, this myth is one of the most pervasive, and it’s not just men who hear it – anyone who uses sex toys will have seen or heard someone worrying about whether a toy will ‘replace’ a human partner. It’s patently ridiculous. While we know that the best male sex toys will almost certainly blow your mind, they’re unlikely to be able to watch Netflix with you any time soon, or accompany you to your best friend’s wedding.

What’s more, in bed sex toys are more often an addition to sex with a partner rather than a substitute for it. PULSE II DUO was designed specifically with couples in mind – while one wears the PULSE II DUO and gets the oscillating PulsePlate sensations, the other partner gets the benefit of a soft, vibrating section on the outside. Even without couples sex toys like this, more and more people are bringing male sex toys into their bedroom to either watch one person use, or play with together.

Like the age-old cliché that a woman with a vibrator will have no more need of a man, so the idea that male sex toys are a ‘substitute’ needs to be stamped out quickly.

Myth 3: There’s no such thing as a ‘male vibrator’

This myth is understandable, because until very recently there wasn’t anything that really counted as a ‘male vibrator’ – at least not in the sense that we understand it now. Men either got the aforementioned love dolls or pocket vaginas, or vibrators designed for anal play. But for that reason, it’s even more important to get the ball rolling and shout about the fact that male vibrators not only exist, but can give some amazing new sensations. If you want to find out more, check out how PULSE II works – with a unique oscillating PulsePlate™.

The truth about male sex toys

Some of these myths might seem harmless on the surface – they’re certainly fun to debunk, because explaining that male sex toys can be far more interesting and pleasurable then the old-school toys could well make someone’s day. But the misconceptions often go hand in hand with a lot of the stigma around sex in our society. Particularly the idea that toys are a ‘substitute’ for anything, or the implication that people who use them are somehow different (they might be a little bit happier, of course, but that’s purely our speculation).

So do us – and men the world over – a favour, and if you see these myths and misconceptions being repeated, remind people that the facts are far more interesting and fun:

  • male sex toys don’t have to be anatomical
  • vibrators for men exist
  • no sex toy is ever a substitute – it’s a very welcome addition!

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