Memorable Moments From Pride

This weekend thousands of people will gather for Pride. Whether it’s the Pride march in London (see our guide on what’s happening and how to get to Pride) or at other events across the world. In the spirit of nostalgia and, well, just because it’s fun, here are some memorable moments from past Pride events, and a few things we’re looking forward to for the future…

Boy scouts lead Pride New York in protest against LGBT exclusion

As late as 2014 (yes, you read that right), LGBT youngsters were excluded from the Boy Scouts of America. This ban was lifted on January the 1st, but a policy remained in place that banned LGBT adults from volunteering as part of the group. Which means that a young gay kid could participate in the Scouts as a member, but risk being thrown out of the organisation at the age of 18.

In protest, New York City Pride in 2014 was led by a group of boy scouts waving the US flag along with rainbow flags. The ban on LGBT adults serving as scout leaders was lifted in July 2015.

The incredible facial hair at this 80s Pride march

Delving a bit deeper into Pride history there’s this fantastic video from the NYC Pride march in the 1980s. Along with a few excellent moments, like the metropolitan church at 2:50 getting big cheers for their ‘dignity’ banner or the anti-racist groups being greeted with huge applause and love, there are also some pretty serious 80s moustaches and a fantastic selection of short shorts.

Co-opting the Queen

OK, so she hasn’t headed up a float or marched with a rainbow flag, but seeing as her Maj has a penchant for colourful outfits, it was no trouble for someone on Twitter to create a royal-themed Pride collage for Pride 2015…

Standing up to bathroom bullies

In the US, there’s apparently a debate going on at the moment around who is allowed to use which toilet. On one hand there are trans people, who assert their right to use the toilet that matches their gender, and on the other hand there are some bigots who are wrong.

Appallingly, there has been a rise this year in the number of proposed ‘bathroom bills’ in the United States, which aim to dictate and police the toilets that trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people can use. So this one’s less of a moment from the past and more a nod to the future – we’re looking forward to seeing lots of support during Pride 2016 for trans people. This cute T-shirt modelled by George Takei is a nice place to start…

Christians apologise for hatred

There have been many photogenic moments over the last few years which highlight how some groups which have traditionally been associated with hatred have turned out in support of LGBT+ people instead. Perhaps the most powerful image is this one, from a Chicago Pride around 2010.

Police try to stop Pride: create rainbows instead

Of course not everyone gets to take part in Pride. In countries and cities around the world, LGBT+ people are often forced to hide their true selves out of fears that they will be arrested, attacked or event executed. This year the theme for Pride London is #nofilter – encouraging everyone to be their true, authentic self.

What better way to remember those who can’t be than with this reminder: at a Pride march in Turkey in 2015, police tried to stop the march with water cannons. Instead they accidentally created a rainbow.

Pride London 2016

Hopefully this has put you in the spirit for Pride London – the march starts on Saturday and there are transport details as well as times in our guide. But for now we’ll leave you with a few nice touches from this year’s Pride in London…

LOVE-ly traffic lights

Parliament getting ready for London Pride

And a delightfully gay postbox


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