How Do I Meet Single Women During Covid-19?

I’m 63, and my parents, age 96 and 91, live with me. I feel especially isolated during this pandemic, having very little social contact with anyone else. I would really like to at least be able to talk with a woman who doesn’t have a partner. But how?

Joan answers:

This must be difficult for you, caring for your parents and feeling isolated and lonely. I couldn’t tell whether you want to talk to a single woman for companionship and understanding, or you’re hungry for sexy talk, or both.

In any case, my recommendation is the same. Join a dating site where you can post information about yourself and attract single women who are isolating alone or with aging parents, as you are. You can’t meet them in person during the pandemic, only on the phone or online, so your digital “match” can live anywhere.

Caveat: when you write your profile, highlight your qualities, not your loneliness. Someone who comes across as lonely and desperate may attract people who want to take advantage. Instead, emphasize your attributes that will make someone want to get to know you.

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