1. Tom says:

    Turning it on it’s head: I’ve recently formally tested as extremely clever, something which wasn’t possible through most of my life as I was part of the baseline group everyone’s tested against (it’s a mathematical thing, the results are meaningless because they end up dividing by the difference between Real-Me and Baseline-Me, which are to all intents and purposes the same thing: you cannot divide by zero). So clever, in fact, that the little information I have from the early testing corroborates the further testing which followed, which reveals I’m using around 30% of my brainpower, versus the norm of 10%. It’s mostly hereditary, but mastering it was nurture. My core mentation is normal – that’s the 10%. The other 20% gets froobie, quite literally appearing as superpowers. The CofE, for instance, tested me for a seer gift, which is an expression of the recently-recognised hyperperception commonly found in my psychotype. I used it in defence diplomacy, as the lead mentat (thank you, Frank Herbert) in the team which won the 2012 Peace Prize, not the first in the family, either: the terms of the award pass through me to my mother, on Ghandi’s team, giving him the one so sadly never awarded in his lifetime, and her aunt was on the team which won the 1919 Medicine Prize.
    The downside of it is that the maths was not in my favour sexually. The average IQ is 100. Mine was likely 163. 100/163=0.61, so the average woman, to me, is what a retarded guy is to her, and I’m not into bestiality. The result is that I’ve lived most of my life alone – I couldn’t even join a high-IQ support group because I couldn’t test, validly.
    So either I masturbate, or I go twisted through frustration. Guess what? Someone should charge those chastity freaks with crimes against humanity, on rather a large number of counts, from gross invasion of privacy to denial of a family life. Or better still, laugh them out of existance as utter hypocrites, because there is no seam between foreplay and masturbation. The implication otherwise suggests that charges of rape may be on the table (rape can exist in marriage).

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