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It’s Masturbation May And We’ve Got Some Celebrating To Do!

May is Masturbation Month and needless to say, it’s our FAVOURITE time of year. There are incredibly fun and rebellious ways to smash the stigma around masturbation while exploring new and fulfilling techniques for self-pleasure. Could your solo sex routing use some inspiration? Read on.

What is Masturbation May and why does it kick so. much. ASS?

Once upon a time, Surgeon General (a big position in the US) Dr Jocelyn Elders was fired for suggesting that masturbation be included in the sexual education curriculum for youth.

Not long after, San Francisco sex toy company Good Vibrations declared May to be Masturbation Month. This was a direct statement opposing the ludicrous firing of Dr Elders, and it became a cornerstone of the sex activism movement.

Masturbation May spread from a national to global observation and there is now an official International Masturbation Day on May 28th. If taking your solo-sex game to the next level sounds like a good-ass time, I’ve got some tips for YOU!

Level-up your porn game.

black velvet pouch with bdsm butt plugHad your fill of ho-hum porn? Feminist porn is where it’s at. You’ll find people of all body types and genders ditching the fake O-face in favour of authentic—and HOT—fuckin’.

Feminist porn companies often include behind-the-scenes interviews with the actors about ethical production practices. Oh, and funny AF things that you never thought you’d hear anybody say out loud.

Check out this article for our top porn recommendations!

Dive into the world of aural sex.

From erotic audiobooks to guided masturbation meditations, the world of aural sex is bursting with possibilities. While most apps are geared toward femmes,  a few – like Dipsea – also offer content for straight and gay men. You’ll never look at your headphones the same way again.

Treat yourself to a new toy!

If you want to get extra geeky about it, find a penis toy that doesn’t require stroking, or a vibrator that’s not buzzy. We recommend PULSE for a stroke-free option, no erections required. JETT is a godsend for penis owners on the hunt for hands-free orgasms.


DiGiT’s wearable design makes it an extension of your finger.

AMO, DiGiT, and KURVE are all high-quality vulva toys that don’t feel anything like other bullets on the market. Their motors are deep and rumbly, and KURVE boasts TWO!

There’s a good chance that a new toy will make you cum *too* fast, so challenge yourself to explore the various settings and even use the toy on different parts of your body. If you take your time and use your imagination, you’re likely to discover a degree of pleasure that you’ve never experienced before.


Celebrate with a partner.

Mutual masturbation is hot hot HOT! In fact, we have an article coming out about it so keep your eyes peeled. Whether in person or over video chat, the possibilities are titillating. You can make a demo out of it, explaining to your partner how you like to be touched. Alternatively, you can play a game where your partner tells you how they want you to touch yourself. And if you’re in person you can control the remote of each other’s toy.

If you’re single maybe there’s a friend or Tinder crush you can text with a casual, “Hey want to celebrate Masturbation May with me? Okay let’s go on 3-2-1.” Even if you can’t hear or see them, knowing that they’re touching themself at the same time as you can be a huge turn-on.

Tag about it!

Help normalize the conversation about solo sex by sharing appropriate content online. While context is everything, if you share the right posts with the right people, you can make quite the positive impact. Think of all the folks struggling with shame and guilt around masturbation when they could instead be feeling great about cultivating a healthy relationship with their sexuality. #MaturbationMay can be a rollicking fun way to participate in sex-positive activism. Join the movement!

In cumclusion . . .

We hope you take the idea of Masturbation May and run with it! Break up the regular routine with a new toy or technique. Trade app reviews with friends. Get yourself a commemorative tattoo! If you want to smash the stigma and take pride in your relationship with your body, now is the perfect time to take action.

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