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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Vagina

There’s less than a week left until Christmas, and if you’re still looking for last-minute Christmas gifts then you’re probably either busy feeling guilty or worried about having to brave the crowds at your local shopping centre. But we have good news for you! There is still time to order a last-minute Christmas gift online and – if you’re quick – get it delivered just in time.

We’ve covered Christmas gifts for the porn fan, for BDSM lovers, for couples and exhibitionists. We’ve also given you some ideas on Christmas gifts for your penis. Now, we’re focusing on the only thing left: Christmas gifts for you. Here are lots of excellent gifts to buy if you have a vagina/vulva/clitoris…

Doxy Die Cast

If the buzzy vibrator in your bedside drawer is the equivalent of a soggy mince pie, then the Doxy Die Cast is the flaming Christmas pudding of sex toys. Big, powerful, and sparkly as hell, the fact that the die cast comes in a variety of glittery colours means it’s perfect as a Christmas present. While technically a gift for your clitoris rather than your vagina, the rumbling vibrations are strong enough to go through your whole pelvis, so that’s essentially just a technicality. Pick one up direct from Doxy here.

Pearl Thong

The best underwear is designed to feel as well as look good, and you can’t get much more feeling than a pearl thong. All bodies are different, so not everyone enjoys the texture of pearls, but if you fo then one of the original and prettiest designs comes from Bracli – some of their beautiful pearl string underwear features in this incredible genderfuck porn scene by director Petra Joy.

The Ruby Glow

More vibrators now, because we simply can’t resist the uniqueness of the Ruby Glow by Tabitha Rayne. Tabitha is an erotic writer who teamed up with sex toy makers Rocks Off to come up with an innovative hands-free vibrator. Billed as ‘pleasure for the seated lady’, the innovative shape of the toy means you can turn it on, place it on a chair, then sit down and rock back and forth while the vibe works its magic. Especially good for those with limited mobility or manual dexterity, because once you’ve turned it on, there’s no need to fiddle with extra buttons.

Erotic Literature: Silence Is Golden

Naturally no sexy gift list is complete without porn of some kind, and one of our favourite things this year has been the Silence Is Golden anthology, by Sexy Little Pages. Filled with intense, beautifully-written kinky characters as well as an incredibly diverse mix of couples and sexualities. If you want to whet your appetite check out an extract here, then head over to buy the book.

An Entire Galaxy

OK, we don’t expect you to fit the entire galaxy into your vagina – but with this incredibly beautiful Galaxy Ambit dildo from Godemiche, you can get pretty close. It’s handmade from silicone, and the mix of sparkly, glittery colours is poured so that it looks like the swirl of a galaxy. We can’t get you to space, but we can guarantee that with this dildo you’ll literally see stars.


Now equipped with an even more powerful external motor, the PULSE III DUO is a Christmas gift that you can use with a partner to give your holiday sex an extra boost. It’s the newest generation of our award-winning couples’ sex toy, and the amazing reviews are already pouring in. Sex blogger and sex toy expert Cara Sutra gave it a whopping 10/10 and gives a great overview of using the PULSE III DUO during couples’ play.

Elvie Kegel Trainer

Yes, it sounds like a piece of exercise equipment, but so did the balance board for Nintendo Wii. In fact, this is basically a video game for your vagina. Elvie was designed to help people train their pelvic floors, but it comes with game settings where you can take on different games – pulsing, lifting, squeezing – then challenging yourself to beat your own high scores.

Gifts for 2017

If you’re on the lookout for an incredible vibrator, then keep an eye on our blog in 2017 – we’ve got something very special to unveil…


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