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Instagram and STI stigma – an apology

Let’s start with the important thing: we’re sorry. Earlier today we put a post up on our Instagram that stigmatised people with STIs. It was not OK. It’s also not a message that we, as a company, believe or want to promote.

We at Hot Octopuss are committed to sex positivity, and that includes this important area of STIs. We will be putting time into making sure that everyone working at the company understands exactly what that looks like on our social channels. Our core value is ‘sex not stigma’, but in this case we, as a company, have failed to properly get across what that means to everyone on our team. We apologise for that too, as well as for the post itself, and we’ll be talking to everyone more broadly about STI stigma as well as this specific post.

STI stigma is a huge problem, and it’s vital for companies as well as individuals to be aware of the facts rather than the fear surrounding STIs. But it wouldn’t seem right for us to try to explain this ourselves on our blog in light of that post, so instead we’ll send you to Ella Dawson’s blog if you would like to learn more about STI stigma.

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