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  1. Hot Octopuss team says:

    Hi Sachin, thanks for your comment. If you’d like to discuss whether our products might be helpful for you, email Thanks! – HO Team

  2. Sachin Chopra says:

    I had a spinal stroke about 10 months ago and have been unable to masturbate since. The stroke affected my fingers, shoulders, triceps, and abs. Most of my function has returned (putting on clothes, feeding myself, bathroom related) but I still can’t pleasure myself and I’m not sure if it’s because of finger and shoulder weakness, inability to duplicate my previous technique (twiching instead of tugging), or if my pleasure nerves were effected by the stroke. I visited a urologist and he says there’s really no way to test for this. He just gave me Viagra but that didn’t help either because I am capable of getting an erection, just not ejaculation. I even bought both the Megabator and the Apollo Power Pump and neither worked. Is there any tool in the market that could help me? What should I do?

  3. Matthew says:

    I have an extremely high sex drive and find the need to masturbate every day to relive myself. Which is why the pocket pulse is excellent for me. I can carry anywere in my bag discreetly and pull it out whenever I have the urge. Find a quiet spot and it’s easy to fit and is quite so you can remain discreet wherever you are. It’s also helped me take my edging to a different level. Because you can just lie back, relax and use the remote whilst concentrating on your level of arousal, helping you control your ejaculation. It’s also a great toy to use with a partner. She uses a remote vibrator and I use the pulse and we both control each other’s devices. Putting us both in control of each other’s arousal.
    It’s also very good in the shower although I don’t use the remote. I ejaculate lots using this device and I’ve screemed the place down on numerous occasions. It’s easy to clean using wet wipes and water and it’s ready for the next round. By far the best toy I’ve used so far and highly recommend. Especially for guys with very high sex drives.

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