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Hot Octopuss Review of the Month: ‘PULSE Has Saved My Sanity’

Following last month’s PULSE review from Davis, who is paraplegic, we’re pleased to share another amazing product review we’ve received in the past month, this time via our website from a former Marine.

Every month for our Review of the Month contest we pick our favourite review from AmazonTrustpilot or our website and republish it on our blog – whether a PULSE review of one of our other toys. We also pick one of the reviews received in that month on those platforms at random and send them a £50 Amazon voucher.

This month’s top reviewer, Mike, says:

I am a former Marine with PTSD and HIV. I have been with my partner for 14 years but because of his difficulties understanding my mental needs and my viral status, we have not been sexually intimate with each other for over 10 years. This has lead to an inability to maintain an erection when I am able to be intimate with another man and even when masturbating.

I purchased PULSE and it has saved my sanity. With it, I have been able to gain more confidence in myself and have developed more powerful erections that last longer. I feel like I am living again.

I would also like to thank the amazing customer service at Hot Octopuss. My first PULSE had developed corrosion on the charging contacts not long after purchase which made charging difficult and Hot Octopuss replaced it within a week. Thank you for giving me control again of my sexuality and my life.

Thanks Mike! And we invite other disabled customers to check out our recent blog post about reaching more customers with disabilities and chronic health conditions, to find out more about how we’re expanding our service to you. And if you have a PULSE review in relation to disability, all feedback is very much appreciated.

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