Hot Octopuss Review of the Month: PULSE and Paraplegia

Following last month’s PULSE review from over-50 customer Nomad on Amazon, we’re pleased to share another amazing product review we’ve received in the past month, this time via Trustpilot on the subject of using PULSE for orgasm issues from paraplegia.

Every month for our Review of the Month contest we pick our favourite review from AmazonTrustpilot or our website and republish it on our blog. We also pick one of the reviews received in that month on those platforms at random and send them a £50 Amazon voucher.

This month’s top review is from paraplegic customer Davis:

I would recommend PULSE SOLO to any paraplegic guy. It’s been the only thing that I have used to actually ejaculate! From going from thinking I’d never get off to simply wrapping the pulse around my d*ck and waiting for a few minutes is amazing!

I will say that for me I have to put a fair amount of extra pressure on my d*ck and turn up the vibration to max to get the full effect. Also I mostly use it when I’m soft or semi-erect and it gets the job done.

I would definitely tell any paraplegic guy who has trouble getting off to give this a (c*m) shot. 😉

Also their customer support is fantastic, I had a slight issue with my device and they got back to me in a really timely manner and handled my issue perfectly!

Thanks Davis! And we invite other disabled customers to check out our recent blog post about reaching more customers with disabilities and chronic health conditions, to find out more about how we’re expanding our service to you.

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