1. Tom says:

    Your post says more about your own background that the subject – I’d recommend CS Lewis’ The Four Loves to get rid of some of the RC hangups. The headache is that love should be balanced, in all forms, and the RC forgot the JOY acronym. about loving God (Jesus), loving Others, and loving Yourself. Active love in all instances.
    Eros is a very valid form of love, and it’s only the megalomania of the Churchy savages both RC and Puritan) who seemed determined to keep Western Society in the Dark Ages which causes the hangups. Tha tantric forms never got hung up in that way, and anyone dealing in spiritual power knows it’s part of an essential balance – I’m a Reiki Master, and christian seer (the two aren’t exclusive, one of the beatitudes is a verbatim quote from Lao Tzu).
    Your next step in understanding this is to learn how the chakras connect. I so want to do a turtle tie with that as a focus, each knot at a nexus, but can’t think how to cope with the nexi outside the body – perhaps a Shibari suspension, but first I need an operation to heal something physical, a side effect of a radical prostatectomy which had the most amazing side-effect, losing the testosterone is allowing my endorphins free rein, which I think is closer to the female orgasm. My mind simply lets loose and flies for close to an hour.

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