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What’s the Best Men’s Sex Toy?

Erotic Trade Only magazine (it’s like the Rolling Stone of the adult entertainment industry) has just announced its nominations for the ETO Awards. Up for the Best Men’s Sex Toy gong (or perhaps we should say ‘dong’) are:

Cruiser CockRing by Perfect Fit, EGO by Jopen, MasteRing by Screaming O, Revo 2 by Nexus and VerSpanken by Big Tease Toys.

The winner will be announced on 23 June. If you’ve tried any of these and want to vote for your favourite, you’ve got till 7 June.

We’re pretty impressed by some of these bits of kit, and it’s great to see that the industry is waking up to the fact that men want well-researched, good-looking toys to play with just as much as women do.

Our CEO Adam Lewis, as the member of the team with the most extensive male sex toy experience, has given us his take on each contender, plus a thumbs-up or down for if he’d buy it or not:

Cruiser CockRing: “Is this really a toy? It seems more like a tool to perform a specific function. As cock rings go, however, I think it’s very cool and innovative. Thumbs up.”

EGO: “It’s difficult to tell from the pics and description why this is different from all the other rechargeable vibrating cock rings on the market, but for $110 it would have to be fantastic. Looking at the features it boasts, I’m not sure I can see any innovation here. Not a huge fan of these myself. In my view they provide a ‘nice’ sensation but nothing more. Unless someone can point out what I’m missing I’d have to give it a thumbs down, especially at that price!”

MasteRing: “It’s a gimmick, but it made me smile, and the ring application is new. It isn’t really a man’s toy, though: it’s a vibrating bullet with a remote control that gives her pleasure. The fact that it comes with batteries and a pair of panties doesn’t change that. Thumbs down.”

Revo: “I’m a big fan of Nexus. Like Hot Octopuss, this is a company that spends time and money on research and development. And like our soon-to-launch PULSE, this is a precision piece of kit designed to perform a function with scientific accuracy. Definitely a leading male toy, akin to PULSE. The difference is that this one focuses on the prostate, while PULSE focuses on the penis. I’d give it a massive thumbs up as I would definitely buy one.”

VerSpanken: “This looks fun, but I’m not sure how good it would be. When I was 14 and attempting to make a masturbator out of the end of a toilet roll… this is what I was dreaming of. More a boy’s toy than a man’s one. Thumbs down.”

So there you have it. We’re all looking forward to next year, when we’re confident PULSE will be in the line-up for the 2014 awards. As this list shows, there’s nothing else like it out there.


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