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Exciting Sex Toy Trends We’ll See In 2016


2015 has been quite a year for us, as well as for any sex toy buyers, sellers and all-round fans. We were over the moon that PULSE II DUO was nominated ‘Best Sex Toy For Couples’ in the SHE Awards, and PULSE II SOLO won Male Sex Toy of the Year at the XBIZ Awards.

What’s more, we were equally excited to see sex toy advances and gossip hitting the mainstream media.

Until fairly recently, mentions of sex toys usually happened behind closed doors: in the bedroom or at specific parties. But, like teenagers who’ve grown out of giggling at sex ed classes, we’re getting more grown up about discussing sex, including the ways in which a sex toy can enhance your sex life – whether in a couple or on your own.

In 2015 we saw the rise of smart sex toys, the press getting excited about a rather intimate ‘selfie stick’ and so many uses of the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ that binge-watching a box set will never be the same again. But what can we expect from 2016? Will this year’s sex toy trends continue? Here are two predictions…

Robots probably won’t replace sex toys

Perhaps the idea of a fully robot sex toy seems a little too futuristic, but the idea has cropped up a few times in 2015, and we reckon the debate is going to continue. This year, Channel 4’s uncanny valley robotic drama ‘Humans’ opened up a tonne of ethical questions about the difference between a sex toy and a sex robot, especially after (spoiler alert) one of the human characters had sex with his robot maid.

Naturally, some people are up in arms at the thought of artificially intelligent seduction. A fairly bizarre group has set up a crusade against sex toy innovation, and named themselves the Campaign Against Sex Robots, while others claim that sex toy robots could herald the ‘end of intimacy.’

Don’t panic, though – although films like Ex Machina and programmes like Humans gave us something to think about, ultimately any leap forward in sex toy technology will be more of a benefit than a curse: enabling people who struggle with intimacy or social contact to have more fulfilling sex lives. For now, though, enjoy your hand-held sex toys like the PULSE II DUO and PULSE II SOLO – we doubt 2016 will be the year in which sex machines will take over.

More sex toys (and real world sex) on screen

While free tube porn sites are still popular, in 2015 there was a distinct move towards porn that offered something a little different. Whether it’s ethical pornographers who guarantee their performers a fair wage and a safe set, or homemade porn made by real world couples who are seriously into each other – like on Cindy Gallop’s amazing project (that link goes to adult content!). Not only that but Tumblr, cam sites, Periscope: all these and more have also provided platforms for people to channel their creative sides and make their own porn – showing that when it comes to sexiness, we’ve all got something to offer.

The great thing about sites like MLNP and cam sites is that people are using the sex toys they already own and love to show you exactly how they get pleasure themselves. Focusing not just on visuals, as a great director would, but on their personal pleasure. We’ve been overwhelmed to see many sex toy fans creating their own videos using PULSE (scroll to the bottom for some demos!) and it’s safe to say we’ll see plenty more in 2016. Fancy a go? Grab your favourite sex toy, a half-decent phone camera and see what you can create.

Oh, and if you’re not sure our predictions will be true? Bear in mind that in 2013 we predicted you’d soon see sex toys on the shelves of your local supermarket. Check next time you’re in the ‘bathroom’ section of Tesco. They don’t have PULSE yet but it’s surely only a matter of time…

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