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EroFame: Our Queen Bee creates buzz (plus drunk pics)

Last week our CEO, Adam, headed to eroFame in Hanover, the world’s biggest trade show for the pleasure products industry. It was a very important event for us because Adam was demoing not only the latest upgrade on our guybrator, PULSE III, due out later this month, but prototypes of THREE new toys for launch next year, the Queen Bee, PocketPULSE and PocketPULSE Remote. We’ve been working hard on these for a long time now, so unveiling the toys at such a big event was a tad nerve-wracking for Adam. Luckily, thanks to eroFame’s own Oktoberfest, there was lots of calming beer on hand to help.

Adam (r) with Shaye of STEME, our US brand manager. They're not drunk.

Adam (r) with Shaye of STEME, our US brand manager, shortly after their first calming beer.

Adam said: “eroFame is the key annual event for us. Not only do our European customers participate, but most of our customers from around the world. It is a rare opportunity to meet and present our products to a large group of our customer base at a single location.

“It seems to get bigger and better every year, and this year there was a larger than usual attendance from the US, which was excellent for us as the US is our biggest market. The highlight for me was the incredible response we received when we demoed our new products. We had buyers comment on a number of occasions that our new products were the most innovative things that they had seen at the show.”

Adam was joined by the lovely Shaye of STEME, our US brand manager. And it seems from the pics they sent us throughout the weekend that it wasn’t all work, work, work…


Here’s Adam hanging with Tonny, founder of, Denmark’s biggest online sex toy retailer.


Here’s that Oktoberfest we mentioned. Looks like everyone’s hammered working hard.


Above, Eric, founder of LELO, throws some shapes at the Bijoux Indiscrets 10th anniversary party. Definitely something worth celebrating!

While below, Adam has fun with Rianne of Rianne S and Rebecca of Intimate Earth.


While here’s the lovely Mathilde from reviewing PULSE for TV. Thanks, Mathilde!



Meanwhile, above, more shapes (Alexander, founder of Pjur, this time).

And hugs. Below is Adam with Emily Morse, one of the world’s foremost sex educators.


And below, with Xavier of Drake’s Boutique, Netherlands.


We wanted to end with a pic of Adam actually working on the Hot Octopuss stand, but he didn’t send us any. 😉

Instead, he sent us this:


Hanover, Hot Octopuss loves you!


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