Good Erection, But No Orgasm

I am 58 and enjoy sex with my wife. I take Viagra to get a good erection. For the last three weeks, I’ve had a good erection but no orgasm. After 30 minutes my body tires out and I stop. I am very frustrated, and my wife can tell. She gets her orgasm through intercourse and is understanding when I get too tired to get mine. It feels good, but I am just not ready to orgasm. Can I be helped?

“Getting a strong erection but no orgasm, what can I do?”

Joan answers:

You may be in a self-perpetuating cycle — you anticipate difficulty reaching orgasm, which delays your orgasm, and you get tired, which makes you more anxious, which delays it more, and so on. Yes, you can be helped, and your first step is to report this to your doctor. Your difficulty may be caused by your medications or a health condition. You’ll want to have your hormones checked. Might alcohol contribute? Depression? You and your doctor can work together to figure out why this is happening.

An easy, immediate solution is to get your orgasm through sexual stimuli other than intercourse: oral sex, followed by (or during!) stimulation with PULSE SOLO LUX would let you achieve orgasm with much less effort and fatigue!


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