Dispatches From Erofame and Venus Berlin

When you sell people toys that help them orgasm, pretty much every week is an exciting one. But this last week has been even more exciting than others as we packed up our sample sex toys and set off to Erofame and Venus Berlin!

Erofame: a record year and a couple of surprises…

Held on the 11th-13th October in Hannover, Erofame was a three-day event which saw sex toy makers and distributors from all over the world gather to show off their amazing orgasmic creations. Apparently this year’s Erofame showed record attendance – it’s great to see so many more growing businesses in the sex toy industry!

Lots of people walking amongst sex toy stands

Sex toy buyers and distributors mingling between the stands at Erofame

April Lampert – our global Head of Sales – and Adam Lewis – inventor of PULSE III and the Queen Bee – were busier than they have ever been, as buyers flocked to see what treats we had in store. Perhaps it was the newly-launched Queen Bee that piqued their interest: it’s the first clitoral toy that uses unique PulsePlate technology to oscillate, rather than vibrate. It caused more than a bit of a stir when we launched the sex toy in New York earlier this year, with people queuing round the block to ‘try on’ their orgasm in a specially-created changing room.

Others came to see why PULSE III is such a popular toy for penis stimulation – the unique oscillating PulsePlate rests against the frenulum, sending oscillating waves right through the head and shaft of the penis. Not only can it be used flaccid, it’s also a powerful tool for those with mobility issues who may not be able to use traditional masturbators.

Those who visited our booth were in for a couple of surprises – eagle-eyed readers might be able to spot a little something new in the picture below. We’re giving nothing away at the moment, but keep your eyes on our blog here for news on brand new sex toys coming soon!

The second was a nice surprise for us: an award from EAN for most innovative company! We’re over the moon to receive this award – we always try to push the boundaries when it comes to new kinds of pleasure. We want to make sex toys that not only give pleasure, but that encourage people to explore and enjoy their bodies in brand new ways. We’ll be celebrating our win just as soon as we’ve recovered from all this traveling…

Our wonderful Head of Sales April Lampert shows off our Erofame stand and surprise award!

Venus Berlin

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Germany things were getting steamy at Venus Berlin (NSFW link). While the sex toy industry was busy making contacts and sharing gossip at Erofame, consumers at Venus went to meet their favourite porn performers, check out the latest sex tech gadgets and sex toys, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Image of sex company stands with busy crowds milling around

Stands and visitors exploring new sex and porn ideas at Venus Berlin

Our Adam popped along to Venus after Erofame to see what was happening, and discovered rule 34 still going strong: this is porn performer Jacky Lawless pulling off a spectacular impression of Wonder Woman.

Porn performer Jacky Lawless standing on stage dressed as Wonder Woman

Jacky Lawless proving that rule 34 is true of Wonder Woman too.

He also rubbed shoulders with the founder of the event itself – Miroslav Blazevic.

Two men standing next to each other in front of a crowded room and stage

Adam Lewis, founder of Hot Octopuss, and Adam and Miroslav Blazevic – Organiser of Venus Berlin

Sex events coming up next year!

We like to get around – and we’ll be at plenty more events in 2018! Next confirmed event is ANME in January – another huge adult industry get-together which we’ll bring you pics and gossip from! We’ll also be sponsoring Eroticon, the conference for sex writers and erotic creatives in March, so come and visit us there for demos of our amazing toys! And of course if you want to keep up to date with all the latest sex toy news and gossip, follow us on Twitter or Facebook!


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