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DiGiT Sex Toy Design: Creating The Perfect Finger Vibe

On Monday we launched DiGiT, our first wearable finger vibe that puts orgasms at your fingertips. The latest in cutting-edge sex toy design, DiGiT curves seamlessly around your fingers like a custom piece of jewellery to become an extension of your body. Subtle, unobtrusive, yet incredibly powerful, DiGiT’s large rumbly motor will give your fingers superpowers.

Since beauty combined with smooth functionality was paramount for this product, we asked Julia Margo, Hot Octopuss Co-Founder, how she and her co-founder Adam Lewis went about designing it.


What gave you the idea for DiGiT?

We’re always looking at different products and thinking about how they could be made better. We are longstanding fans of the finger vibe: we love how convenient and intuitive it is to attach a vibe to your finger, and also that it’s a product that can be used equally well for outercourse or solo play.

But we’ve also seen how finger vibes are often marketed and designed as novelty items rather than serious sex tech. DiGiT is our attempt to create a finger vibe that is ergonomic and delivers that seamless extension of your hand, while also being really powerful and beautiful.

A designer drawing ideas for DiGiT on tracing paper

What research did you do for DiGiT?

We spent months looking at jewellery, as we wanted our design to feel like a custom piece, and different ways to attach a vibrator to a hand or finger. And then more months on different hand sizes (you wouldn’t believe the difference, for example, between a typical US finger size and a Russian finger size!).

What were the key challenges of this sex toy design?

We always find that the design process is far harder than we initially assume it will be… and yet we meet the same challenges the next time and the next…. With DiGiT the issues were around the fit and how to make it powerful enough, without either giving you a numb finger or buzzing off the end of it.

Was there anything wanted for DiGiT that you couldn’t have?

As with all of our products we would have loved to make it 20% more powerful at the top end but with a charge time of 20% longer!

What are you most proud of about the DiGiT sex toy design?

I just love the way it looks; I think it’s beautiful.

Two computer screens, one showing a close up computerised image of DiGiT and the other on the Hot Octopuss website

After designing eight products, how different is the process now compared to starting out?

Every product has its own unique challenges so while we’ve learnt a lot we still hit obstacles more often than we’d like! But at this stage Adam is probably the world’s foremost authority on vibrations, oscillations and small motors and he knows a fair bit about silicone and plastic too! We’re also really lucky to work with the talented folks at Therefore Design throughout this process!

Two designers from Therefore Design in front of a computer screen showing the sex toy design for the Hot Octopuss DiGiT

What are you working on now?

We have the biggest launch of the year coming in September and from there we will be launching a vulva toy which uses a new patented technology that may or may not already exist in our penis range!

Find out more about DiGiT here.

Design process photos by Therefore Design.



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