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Creatively Sexy Applications Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality porn has been around for long enough now that although it still feels excitingly futuristic, the technology has had time to bed in. And as more creative people get their hands on virtual reality tech, some really innovative uses spring up: especially when it comes to virtual reality and sex.

Last year we wrote a quick-start guide on how to watch virtual reality porn, so check that out if you haven’t yet had a chance to experience VR up close and personal. Then pop back and check out some of the ways in which creative people are combining VR and sex!

Virtual reality strip booth

We love the East London Strippers Collective (@ethicalstripper on Twitter) – they run fun, inclusive stripping events aimed at people who wouldn’t normally get to enjoy the art of stripping. With many strip clubs being very focused on cis male pleasure, it’s wonderful to see events that actively encourage women and LGBTQ+ people to get involved, challenging the stigma surrounding stripping and the idea that only one kind of person can enjoy it.

What’s more, they also clearly have a passion for tech and virtual reality: at their events they often advertise a ‘virtual reality striptease booth.’ Partygoers can put on a virtual reality headset and experience a 360 degree immersive strip routine performed by members of the collective.

You can pick up tickets for their next event – the halloween-themed Blair Witch Project – which will take place on Friday 27th October at Club Aquarium in London.

Virtual reality and live camming

When we first wrote about virtual reality porn last year, one of the things we expected to get much bigger was virtual reality camming. The ability to link up with cam performers from all over the world, and use virtual reality headsets to connect with them in detail, in real time.

Initially difficult because of the cost of the hardware involved, virtual reality camming is now becoming possible as the tech comes down in price.

Virtual reality camming does still come with its own unique set of challenges, though, as porn performer Ela Darling explained to Motherboard:

“I have some things to keep in mind in terms of field of view of the camera. I have to find the monitor and make sure my body isn’t out of the field so my arms look like they’re amputated weirdly. It’s stereoscopics, so there are two cameras shooting at the same time so I can be filmed in 3D, so I have to position myself for both.”

Virtual reality sex games

Wherever you find porn, you will find creative individuals who have found a way to turn it into a game. And virtual reality porn is no different. Alongside standard videos and live camming, there is also a growing collection of virtual reality sex games. A little like the standard ‘point-and-click’ Monkey Island style games of the early noughties, these games centre you as a protagonist working your way through a series of puzzles and challenges. The difference? Most of the puzzles and challenges involve sex. You can see some examples of the VR sex games that are springing up over at FutureOfSex.

Virtual reality sex therapy

Just as sex and masturbation can have therapeutic qualities, so virtual reality can help bring some of those therapeutic and educational qualities to life. Virtual Sexology offers VR videos that walk students in detail through various aspects of providing pleasure. It is quite focused on straight, cisgender people though, and some of the advice veers into generalisation territory. We believe that different individuals need pleasure in different ways, so it would be great to see other educators offering virtual reality coaching with a much more inclusive and sex-positive approach. If you’ve seen any, let us know!

That leads us neatly on to the final point of our blog: there will always be creative minds finding new ways to apply sex tech to help enhance our lives. There may be many uses of virtual reality in sex that we haven’t spotted yet. We would love to know what exciting applications you’ve seen, so get in touch in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!


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