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The podcast your parents warned you about: Cocktails & Confessions is an unfiltered, candid chat show about queer sex, dating and relationships.

Join Anthony Gilét, James Egan and Dani St. James as they dig through listener confessions, provide dating advice and divulge their own horrifying sex stories. 

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The best and worst gay celebs – Latest

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop read out the listener’s best and worst experiences with gay celebrities. Gilét gets propositioned for mutual masturbation (…in this economy?!) and James’ stalker continues to prowl.

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Using Grindr for non-sexual purposes

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop dissect things that people have used Grindr for which isn’t sexual, including cleaning services, drugs, McDonald’s and just getting a good night’s sleep.

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Mourning Glory (ft. Josh Moore)

Porn star @JoshMooreOfficial joins @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop to discuss masturbating to his own material, how he feels about falling in love, and together with hosts delves into a confession that involves a very… unique grieving process.



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“Gimme that Shrek juice!” (Feat. Leo Laid Bare & Cooper)

This week @DaniStJames and @GiletSlays are joined by @Coopsthecub and @Leolaidbare: the first couple to ever star on the show. They tell us the far-from-romantic way they met, selling underwear online, and address more dodgy confessions, including one from a guy who gave head in his gran’s house.

The worst sex scenes in fiction

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop discuss the difference between dating older and younger men. Why FaceTime is great tool for modern dating. And read some of the best worst sex excerpts from books.

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D**king on a dead girl bench

@SwanSwagga returns and he’s shed the ‘barren Darren’ image. Along with @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop, they discuss some of this week’s confessions, including a Midsommer masturbation and bareback on a memorial bench.

Sweep him off his feet… then lick ’em

@IamDomTop ponders whether he has a foot fetish, while @GiletSlays relays another dead-end date. The pair then cackle over a sex story involving a carrot and a thatch of pubes.

“To love and to cherish… and share thy hole”

@GiletSlays and @DaniStJames discuss the relevance of the ‘T’ slur, while reading some of the worst sex in fiction books. This week’s confession is a bottom who’s husband won’t share his hole. Yikesss.

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The fanny, the cranny, the quim (ASMR special)

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop read out the best worst sex scenes from fiction – while doing ASMR – with hilarious results.

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The bloopers and poopers of gay porn (ft. Kayden Gray)

BONUS: @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop ask a reader question to @KaydenGrayXXX about the bloopers from porn, and yeah, it involves more poo. Soz.

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