Christmas Presents For The Sex Toy Pioneer


We’re nostalgic for that stage when you first discover sex toys. You might have bought your first vibrator, or cock ring, and enjoyed playing with it, and suddenly realised that a whole new world of sex toy adventuring has just opened up to you.

As part of our sexy Christmas gifts series, we wanted to write a guide for people who have started sex toy exploration, and want to buy something a little different that they can share with their partner (or a Christmas present for themselves, because why not?). So here, split by category, are a few things you might like to buy if you’ve tried out some standard sex toys and you’d like to experiment with something new.

First things first, though: if you’re planning to buy a sexy Christmas present for someone, check out our golden rules first to make sure that your gift will be a welcome treat and not cause undue stress or pressure.

Unique penis sex toys

One of our core aims at Hot Octopuss is to smash sex stigma in all its forms, and sadly sex toys for penises still seem to have a bit of stigma attached. So if you (or your partner) has just discovered penis-based sex toys and you’re ready to get stuck in then congratulations on taking one step forward in helping to challenge sex toy taboos!

There are plenty of different products on the market to try, from simple masturbation sheaths that offer squishy textures to give you stimulation, through cock rings that can be worn during sex or masturbation to give you a firmer erection and heighten stimulation, right through to hands-free vibrating penis toys like PULSE.

We’re biased, of course, but we think if you’ve just discovered the joys of masturbation sheaths, then you’d probably enjoy taking the next step and testing out oscillating stimulation. PULSE uses a patented oscillating PulsePlate™ to send deep, rumbling sensations right through the head and shaft of your penis. It’s a completely unique sensation, and the design of the toy means it can be used from flaccid, and even hands-free, for a whole new kind of masturbation.

If you’re interested in vibrations keep an eye out for the launch of our new sex toy too – Pocket Pulse. With two powerful vibration motors, this toy mimics the deep rumbles of PULSE in a next-generation cock ring that can be used for a powerful enhanced stroking technique. Click on the link above to pre-register for one, and get 10% off when it launches very soon! You could be one of the first to own one, and that’s pretty pioneering, in our opinion!

Unique clitoral sex toys

Perhaps the broadest category in the sex toy world, there are so many different clitoral stimulators it’s tricky to know where to start. From small bullets that give a powerful sensation but in a pocket-sized toy to large wand toys that plug in to the mains and deliver a deep rumbles. Again we’ve got something pretty cool here to offer (we think!) – the Queen Bee. After the huge success of the PULSE, we got lots of people requesting that we put the same patented technology into a clitoral toy so that everyone could try it out. The result is a rumbly, intense clitoral stimulator that works via a piston-style ‘tapping’ motion rather than standard vibration.

Sex toy queen Cara Sutra explained it like this:

“My first time was a good time. Wow. Using the pulse plate clitorally felt completely different to how I’d imagined, not that I could clearly imagine how it would feel. I’ve felt the Doxy jackhammer vibrations, I’ve felt the Satisfyer/Womanizer clit suction/air vacuum stim. I’ve never orgasmed from intense tapping before, yet that’s what happened.”

Erotic writer Kayla Lords had a much more NSFW take on it, we we loved:

“The oscillations were deep and rumbly, my favorite kind of sensations. Because of the shape of the head, the majority of my clit felt the sensations. A surround-sound experience is very good for my orgasms.”

Unique anal sex toys

If you’re a fan of anal toys then picking something new must make you feel like a kid in a sweet shop: there are so many beautiful dildos, butt plugs and other delights on the market, it may be hard to know just which one to go for next. We’ve got two recommendations here – one general, and one specific. In general, if you like anal toys then trying out new (body safe) materials is a great way to explore your kink a little further. Tried smooth silicone butt plugs? You might like to have a go with glass or something with a texture. As per our gift guide, if you’re buying for someone else make sure to match size and not buy something too adventurous, but ask your partner if they fancy testing the waters with different shapes and textures – there’s a whole world out there to play with!

Our specific recommendation adds something extra to the mix: vibration. The Doxy Don has been on the market for a while but it’s not often talked about, which means that you get extra sex toy pioneer joy from discovering it for yourself. It’s an anal toy that delivers thudding, rumbly vibrations and works brilliantly for prostate stimulation.

Unique kinky toys

We’re going to focus on one category here, because there are so many incredible BDSM toys on the market that we might need to venture down that rabbit hole in a whole new post. But for those of you who are venturing into wet and messy play, you might be interested to hear about the wonderful work of Sheets of San Francisco and Slube Goo. The first company makes incredible, tactile, waterproof sheets for wet play – perfect to just lay out on your bed (or on the floor, or wherever you want to get wet and messy!) so you never have to worry about stains or wet patches on your sheets.

The second company goes hand-in-hand with them: quite literally, they often have tables next to each other at events because their products work so well together. Slube Goo make a fun substance that turns your bath water to a slippery, lubey, fragrantly-scented splosh pit. The Goo starts off as crystals, then when you mix it in a warm bath it gives you buckets of lovely mess to slip and slide around in.

Buying sexy Christmas presents for a sex toy pioneer?

Hopefully this post has given you a few ideas of sex toys and accessories that are a little out of the ordinary, and coupled with our sexy Christmas gift buying guide you should hopefully be able to find a sexy Christmas present that they’ll be pleased to unwrap on the day! Keep an eye on this blog for more Christmas treats – and something extra special coming later this week!


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