Christmas Gifts – Sexy Things To Do Together

Sometimes the best gifts are ones you get to enjoy together. Next up in our series of Alternative Christmas Gift Guides, we want to give you a taste of the things you can do with a lover that are slightly out of the ordinary. From sexy days out to hot nights in, the best thing is they can be gifts or even just things to entertain you over the holidays. Because sometimes it’s nice to get away from the family and have some time just the two of you.

Bouncy Castle Made Of Boobs

Could you get a more literal interpretation of ‘adult fun’ than a giant bouncy castle made of boobs? We think not. If this sounds like the perfect place to take your lover, then you need to head over to The New York Museum of Sex, where this bouncy castle is also paired with other intriguing delights, such as ‘grope mountain’ – a climbing wall made from orifices and appendages.

If New York’s a bit far to go, but you still fancy getting childish with your adult partner, London-based hipster-named bar ‘BallieBallerson‘ combines weird and wonderful cocktails with an actual grown-up sized ball pit. An opportunity to let your inner child loose, and recreate the most romantic XKCD comic ever.

Couples Sex Toys

If you’re more of a ‘night in’ person, then why not pick up something incredible you can use together? Couples sex toys, like the PULSE II DUO, give you a genuinely new way to explore each other’s bodies. Whether it’s testing out new non-penetrative sex positions, taking it in turns to use the powerful vibrations on each other, or using them in combination with other sex toys. Pegging, for instance, is even more fun with a PULSE.

A big sexy night out might be out of your budget, but a big sexy night in is the gift that keeps on giving.

Kinky Dungeon Play Time

We can’t resist including a gift that essentially amounts to dungeon time, so here goes: for just £80 (yep, you read that right), you can hire out The Serpent Rooms in London. It includes all the kink equipment that you simply don’t have room for in your own place – a restraining table, spanking bench, suspension harnesses, you name it. And if you’re feeling flush you can go for a full overnight stay – maybe with breakfast the next morning.

Smut slam

What could be sexier than an evening of dirty stories? There are plenty of erotic reading events that make excellent date nights. Dirty Sexy Words is a regular erotic reading slam hosted by Zak Jane Keir – keep an eye on the website for dates of upcoming shows.

If you’d like a dash of comedy with your sex, then the 11th January sees the launch of Smut Slam in London – a storytelling event which encourages members of the audience as well as judges to step on stage and recount their funniest/sexiest stories. You can either sit back and enjoy the show, or even join in with a tale of your own, if you’re brave enough.

Kinky Afternoon Tea

Screw the Ritz – they may do nice tea but they’re unlikely to help you craft your own sex toys while you drink it. The Kinky Afternoon Tea, hosted by BDSM wizards KinkCraft and sex toy shop KnickerRockerGlory, combined delicious tea and cake with sexy crafting. KnickerRockerGlory will provide a nice afternoon tea while the KinkCraft team teach you how to make your own flogger or handcuff set. It’s a perfect chilled afternoon to spend with someone, and at the end of it you get to take away the kinky item you’ve crafted. The next scheduled Afternoon Tea is on 10th December, but keep an eye on the website for dates in the new year too.

A Weekend Of Sex

If you don’t mind delayed gratification, then buying your lover a Sexhibition ticket means you’ve something to look forward to throughout the horrible, cold, post-Christmas months. The Sexhibition weekend, billed as the erotic event of the year, is returning to Manchester in August 2017. It’ll be a mixture of talks, workshops, performances and of course plenty of opportunity to stock up on sexy toys and clothes. Early-bird tickets for the whole weekend are around £30 if you grab them quick.

The End of the World

Adrenaline-induced fear and arousal are very similar, physiologically. We’ve done this one before. What it means, though, is that the more exciting your day out, the hornier you’ll both likely be by the end of it. So if your lover is a fan of terror too, how about a day spent running away from zombies? Zombie Experiences offer what they call ‘encounters’ all over the UK, and the format is roughly the same for all of them: you’re surrounded by zombies and you have to escape without getting caught. If you manage to survive, then it opens up excellent role-play possibilities as later in the evening you make passionate, apocalyptic love to show the resilience of humanity.

Not found what you’re looking for?

If none of the above takes your fancy, don’t panic! As part of our commitment to helping you find the most fun, sexy Christmas gifts we’ve got other guides that might help you choose the perfect present.

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Best of luck, and we hope that whatever you and your lovers are into, you’ll find them the perfect present.


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