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Christmas Gifts for the Exhibitionist in Your Life

As part of our mission to help you find the best Christmas gifts for him, her, or anyone, we wanted to highlight some especially sexy gifts for anyone who likes showing off their hotness. We’ve already rounded up Christmas gifts for the porn lover and the BDSM fan, so now we’re focusing on sexy lingerie, tight jocks, and other presents that will delight your partner if they enjoy strutting their stuff.

Clonezone: Greg Homme Boy Toy underwear

It’s pretty hard to resist underwear that shows off your junk the way a well-chosen vase shows off a bouquet of flowers, and on top of that this Greg Homme Boy Toy underwear is bottomless. Which means it also lifts and squishes the butt cheeks together to make the most of an exceptional asset. Perfect gift for exhibitionists with incredible arses, and anyone who enjoys easy-access for butt play.

Lovehoney Underwear with free stroker

If you’re shopping on a budget, Lovehoney’s got an offer at the moment for two pairs of pants sexy for £15 plus a free stroker. There are tonnes of hot styles to choose from, and if you give your exhibitionist the free stroker as a Christmas gift too, you might get to see not just a strip show but something even more exciting.


If your ears perked up at the suggestion of your partner putting on a show, then you are definitely in the market for a PULSE III SOLO. The next-generation penis vibrator which gives deep, oscillating vibrations, creating a unique sensation, and does things no other masturbator can. Pick one up for your partner, and maybe they’ll let you watch more than just the unwrapping.

Filthy Dirty Magnesium Playsuit

If your lover has a penchant for the dramatic, then pretty much any of the incredible hand-made underwear from Filthy Dirty will delight them. But if you need a specific example, this incredible playsuit with detachable crimson feathers has more than enough wow factor. A Christmas gift for her, or him, which will make them feel like a kind of sexy angel on top of the tree.

Yummy Gummy net latex dress

Some people adore the tightness and shine of latex, but you have to admit it can get a bit hot in there. That’s why this net latex dress appeals – all the tightness and sensation of latex but with a fresh breeze on your skin at the same time. Yummy Gummy make a fantastic range of latex clothes, so if your partner is keen to show off their curves, then a latex outfit makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Waterproof Action Sports Camera

With all this incredible underwear to show off, your favourite exhibitionist is no doubt going to want to take some fantastic photos. So a waterproof camera makes a fantastic Christmas gift – they can take snaps in the shower, the bath, or even dancing naked in the rain. Then send them to you as a thank you.

Boudoir photoshoot

There are plenty of great photography studios that offer gift packages for ‘boudoir’ – read ‘sexy’ – shoots. If you (or your partner) isn’t that hot with your own camera, but you want to have some saucy snaps to cherish of them looking their best, then a photography gift is ideal. And if you’re flush with cash, combine a photoshoot with one of the Christmas gifts above to create a perfect present pairing.

Christmas gifts for everyone!

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for above, don’t panic! We’ll have more sexy Christmas gift guides coming up in the next few weeks. Or you can check out our Christmas gifts for porn lovers and Christmas gifts for BDSM fans and find something that takes your fancy.


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