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Sex In Perimenopause, Menopause And Beyond

Shifting hormones can affect your sex life from your late 30s onwards (and sometimes even earlier). And while some people discover the best sex they ever had during this stage of life, for others there can be challenges.

But we got you: with medical expertise, personal stories, sex tips and sex toys for menopause recommendations, The Edge has all the info to make the journey easier and more enjoyable. So you can have great sex during perimenopause, great sex during menopause and – you guessed it – great sex post-menopause too.

Sex during perimenopause

There’s sometimes some confusion here, so what is perimenopause exactly? Perimenopause is the gradual shift in sex hormones that eventually leads to your periods stopping at around the age of 50. Most people begin to notice symptoms of perimenopause in their forties, but some people observe changes much earlier, possibly even from their mid-30s.

Early on in perimenopause, symptoms can be subtle. Many people find doctors are ill-informed, HRT is not readily provided, and they may turn to natural remedies for perimenopause.

So what are the symptoms of perimenopause as they relate to your sex life? They can include changes in sexual response, libido, vaginal lubrication and energy levels. During perimenopause emotions and mental health can change. And chronic illness and perimenopause can be a difficult combination as symptoms may worsen and affect sex life.

However, there’s plenty you can do about the side effects of perimenopause so you can continue to have a satisfying sex life, including using sex toys for perimenopause such as our powerful but discreet DiGiT.

Sex and menopause

Menopause symptoms and sex can be a tricky combination for some: although some people find they hit menopause and sex drive increases, others find they have no sex drive, as well as wide range of other symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and tightness, mood changes and fatigue.

Menopause is medically defined as the point where you haven’t had a period for a year, and while some people sail through, others find symptoms of menopause hit hard. It may be difficult to find people you trust to talk to, due to stigma around the menopause process and sex and ageing in general. This may be even harder if you’re going through menopause when you’re queer or trans, due to lack of information aimed at you.

You might have questions like: what is sex like while on HRT? Is tiredness a symptom of menopause and how can you enjoy sex with fatigue? What are the emotional symptoms of menopause? How do I deal with menopause and disability? Are there sex toys for menopause? We hope to tackle all these on The Edge and also welcome your questions for our experts.

While there’s no doubt that menopause can be challenging, it can also be a time of self-discovery and experimentation, and tools like vibrators for reduced sensitivity can help.

Post-menopause sex

After menopause, changes in the body such as narrowing of the vagina, reduced lubrication, reduced sexual drive and response and stiffer joints can make getting the enjoyable sex life you deserve a bit trickier. But as our senior sexpert Joan Price will tell you in her sex after menopause tips – every aspect of life after menopause can be fabulous.

There are many tools available to help you enjoy sex after menopause. Some of our favourites are: good communication, lube, couples’ toys like PULSE DUO LUX, lube, and a sense of adventure. Did we mention lube?

Our senior sex hub, aimed at people over 50, is packed full of sex advice for this stage of life, including the advantages of age for your sex life, sex toys for older people, orgasm after menopause and more.

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