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Can’t Keep An Erection Long Enough For Sex

At 70, I am experiencing a lessening of my ability to keep an erection throughout sex. I have tried ED meds and they don’t seem to help. Is there anything else?

“I’ve tried ED meds but can’t keep an erection. What else can I do?”

Joan answers:

It’s natural that as you age, maintaining erections can be less dependable. See your doctor and find out if anything else is going on that can be causing or contributing to the problem: heart disease, diabetes, side effects of your medications, and more. I don’t know whether your doctor prescribed the ED meds you tried, or you tried them on your own (not a good idea). ED meds can be dangerous used with certain medical conditions and medications, so please use them with your doctor’s input.

You didn’t say anything about your current relationship(s). Boredom with a stale relationship or performance anxiety about a new one can also cause undependable erections. If you can’t keep an erection, sexual activities that don’t require an erect penis – oral, manual, sex toys – can help eliminate performance anxiety and let you relax and enjoy.

Once you rule out or deal with a medical or relationship cause for your erectile problems, there are options. Try a cock ring such as ATOM or ATOM PLUS, which prevents the blood flow from leaving the erect penis, keeping it erect longer. If that isn’t sufficient, your doctor might suggest a penis pump or an injection. (You’re getting the message that your doctor needs to be involved, right?)

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