The Brand

Back in the early nineties, two London teenagers met through mutul friends, a love of live music and healthy addiction to fun in all its beautiful guises. Fifteen years later and still best friends, Jules and Adam shared an idea that would eventually change the way people viewed sex toys and how they should look and function.

Launched in September 2013, PULSE, aka the world’s first Guybratorâ„¢ was different to any other toy that had come before it. By creating a toy based on medical technology, that looked more like a luxury piece of industrial design than a sex toy, Hot Octopuss changed the way sex toys werer perceived, winning multiple awards in the process.

Hot Octopuss sits at the cutting edge of sex toy design, taking concepts, technology and materials from outside the adult industry in order to bring pleasure products into the 21st Century.

our aim is to create products that go beyond conventional thinking products that are designed to fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

Hot Octopuss
Reinventing Pleasure… One Orgasm at a time


Hot Octopuss invests heavily in ensuring that its Intellectual Property (IP) is protected around the world.
Hot Octopuss products are covered by various global IP rights including copyright, patent applications,
patents (including US patent number 8,552,080, 8,900,120 and 5,923,107), and registered designs
(including European Community Design Registration No. 002078762).


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Our Awards

2014 Best
Male Product

2014 Best
Couple Toy

Male Product

2016 Best Boutique
Pleasure Brand

2017 Best Boutique
Pleasure Brand