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Black Friday Sex Toy Deals You Can’t Ignore


We couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to join in with the Black Friday deals, so this year we’re offering something a bit special on both of our oscillating sex toys. And as well as offering our own bargains, we’ve also gone on the hunt for other sex toy retailers that have great Black Friday deals, so you know exactly where to go.

30% off Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

Our oscillating clitoral sex toy launched in the summer of this year – to much fanfare and excitement at our New York orgasm pop-up (yep, it was a real thing!). It’s unique, patented PulsePlate uses a piston-type system to rapidly ‘tap’ – creating oscillations rather than vibrations, which give a deep, rumbly sensation throughout the vulva and clitoris.

If you’ve been keen to try one, our Black Friday sale is the best time to grab your own Queen Bee because we’re offering them at 30% off all weekend: from midnight (UK time) on Thursday 23rd November to midnight (California time) on Monday 27th.

20% off Hot Octopuss PULSE

Before the Queen Bee was on the scene, there was PULSE – a revolutionary sex toy that used PulsePlate technology to send powerful, pleasurable oscillations throughout the penis. You can use it flaccid or erect, with or without lube, in the shower if you like (it’s 100% waterproof), and best of all it’s going to be 20% cheaper from Thursday to Monday (same times and dates as above). Pick up a PULSE in the Black Friday sale and see why so many of our customers rave about it.

Black Friday sex toy deals in the UK


As one of the biggest online retailers, you can expect Lovehoney to offer some pretty enticing discounts off their sex toys, lingerie and essentials like lube. This year, they’re rotating out deals in the run-up to Black Friday so there are lots of different offers each day. We found some amazing lingerie deals offering more than 50% off, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time around, just head back to their site a little later – Black Friday deals change every day at 6am, 12pm and 6pm.

Luke and Jack

While we’re on the subject of sexy lingerie, Luke and Jack’s online shop has a fantastic selection of gorgeous underwear for guys (though we don’t want to be too prescriptive about it – anyone of any gender can wear nice pants, after all). Check out their sale page for the latest discounts on briefs and jocks… and maybe pick up a sex toy while you’re there as well.


For Black Friday, UberKinky is offering free 48 hour delivery via Royal Mail for any order over £20. Usually delivery is only free for larger orders of £55 so if you’re after something for the weekend and you want to guarantee it’s there in time, they can sort you out.


Under the headline ‘it’s almost Black Friday’, Clonezone are offering silicone dildos that usually retail for £59.99 for just £19.99. While you’re there, why not drop in to their clearance sale page, where there are always extra bargains to be found.

Black Friday sex toy deals in the US and Canada


The wonderful people over at SheVibe are offering up to 20% off your order plus free shipping! The discounts are stepped, so it’s 10% off if you spend $75 or more, 15% if you spend $100 or more, and the full 20% off if you spend over $125. So if you’ve got a few things on your wish list, pop them all in your basket now and take advantage of the big discounts!


Use the code HOTSTUFF to grab yourself some… well, some hot stuff! Babeland’s holiday sale will give you 15% off your order if you use the code before November 28th.

Adam and Eve Stores

If you prefer to do your shopping in person so you can get a feel for each of the toys you want to buy, then check out the Adam and Eve stores Black Friday offer: for the whole weekend (25th and 26th of November) in participating stores you can buy-one-get-one-half-price on any of their vibrators.

We hope one of these deals has tempted you – or brought something you’ve been lusting after for a while into your budget. Whether it’s the Queen Bee clitoral sex toy, PULSE for your dick, some sexy underwear or an incredible dildo, there are always sexy bargains to be found if you know where to look for them.


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