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New year, new you? Nah. While everyone else is going on about detoxes and diets – which sound about as fun as starting the year with a root canal, we want to give you something sexier to be getting on with. Ignore the nagging ‘get fit quick’ guides, stick two fingers up at the detox quacks, and embrace all the amazing things you can do with your body without ever having to buy a gym pass. After all, why resolve to change yourself when you can just resolve to have more fun?

And of course, the most fun things in life can be done in the comfort of your own bedroom. With that in mind, here are some of the best sex toys 2016 – as judged by some of our favourite sex toy reviewers. Pick one or two of your favourites, and invest in a 2016 based on pleasure rather than punishment. Unless punishment is your thing, that is…

Best sex toys 2016 – for penis play

Naturally PULSE II SOLO is going in here, given that it earned the title of ‘Best Male Sex Toy’ at the XBIZ awards in 2015. It was also listed by Metro as one of the 10 essential sex toys for men.

If there’s one thing that links the best sex toys in 2016 it’s that all of them are high-quality toys with beautiful design. Perhaps twenty years ago we were all happy to own jellyish, vaguely-anatomical-looking sex toys, but in 2016 it’s time to demand better. PULSE II SOLO is made from high-quality matt silicone, rechargeable, and would look perfect on your bedside table. That is if you can bring yourself to put it down – the oscillating vibrations provide a genuinely unique sensation which rumbles through the penis, bringing you to spectacular orgasm.

Best sex toys 2016 – for clitoral stimulation

It would be a crime not to mention our friends over at Doxy in this category. In the last couple of years, the Doxy massager – a rumbling, powerful wand toy – has won the hearts (and genitals) of almost every sex toy reviewer.

If you’ve never seen or used one yet, the Doxy massager is a bit like the Hitachi magic wand. Well, in so far as a Ferrari is ‘a bit’ like a Ford Cortina. More beautiful, more powerful, and possibly inspired by last year’s film Mad Max: Fury Road – it’s now available in ‘shiny and chrome.’

Best sex toys 2016 – for couples

Here we’re going with PULSE II DUO: for very good reason. It has all of the awesome features of the PULSE II SOLO, but with an extra external motor. This means that couples can use it to stimulate both of you at the same time – one partner inside PULSE and the other taking advantage of the external vibrations.


Best sex toys 2016 – other options?

No matter what you’re into, there are plenty of new sex toys that you can experiment with in 2016. If you agree with our idea that the new year should bring you pleasure rather than punishment, perhaps it’s time to explore some of your fantasies to see what you could combine with your favourite solo or couples toy?

If you’re into pain, dominance and control, there are lots of possibilities. Spanking implements such as paddles, whips and canes have seen a huge surge in the last few years thanks to 50 Shades of Grey, and you’re no longer limited to one or two options. Those who fancy something sensual can go for silk blindfolds and delicate handcuffs, while the corporal punishment afficionados have a huge range of wooden and leather paddles as well as crops and floggers to choose from.

Browse some great BDSM toys over at Lovehoney.

One of the best sex toys to pair with your solo or couples toy is a butt plug. Particularly if you’re into prostate stimulation, twinning your favourite anal toy with your PULSE II SOLO gives you double the pleasure and a really intense experience.

Check out some great anal toys at Jo Divine.

And while it doesn’t strictly count as a ‘toy’, it would be remiss of us not to mention lube. There are so many great lubes on the market – we’ve written a handy guide on the best lubes recommended by sex bloggers. Whether you’re after something to use during sex, or with your favourite toy, when you’re picking the best sex toys to use in 2016 make sure you’ve chosen the right lube to go with it. PULSE II SOLO and PULSE II DUO are both compatible with water-based lubes, and while some people prefer to go without, it’s worth testing both ways to see which one gets the best results for you.

After all, as we said at the start: new year shouldn’t be about changing yourself or improving on your body – it should be about learning to enjoy yourself, and appreciate all the wonderful sensations your body gives you. Just the way it is.

Have a happy and sexy new year!

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