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Edging With JETT

Edging with JETT

For those penis-equipped persons out there, I have a game for you to play. Don’t worry; this is far from a challenging one and the benefits could be enormous.

Consider edging with JETT if you want to:

– increase the duration of your orgasms

– gain control over when you come

– combat premature ejaculation

– overcome the tiresome marathon of delayed ejaculation

– oh, and experience the most powerful orgasms of your life.

It goes like this: as you masturbate, pay attention to your body as you approach orgasm. Then stop, or at least ease off on what you’re doing before you get there.

Congratulations, you’ve played a successful game of edging!

Edging makes orgasms more powerful

In an eggshell, edging is all about reducing or ceasing sexual stimulation to delay or prevent orgasm. And, if desired, this is repeated as many times as you can.

While it initially might sound like it’s a less-than-exciting thing to do, edging can be remarkably enjoyable. With time and practice, edging could grant you valuable insight into your sexual response cycle.

Even without this potential gift of self-knowledge, edging is still a hoot-and-a-half method for transforming masturbation from as-quick-as-possible to deeply pleasurable self-care. Edging with JETT can make solo sex last for several rollicking minutes – or even an hour or more.

There are loads of benefits to edging with JETT

Edging assists in understanding your body and how and when you come.

For many penis-equipped persons, orgasm feels like “it happens when it happens,” and while fine for some, this is often too quick, too slow, or too random for others.

Enter edging and how fans of it have gained crucial self-knowledge about their sexual response cycle, such as when to reduce stimulation, ramp it up, or change what’s going on. They then can use this knowledge to improve partnered sex or masturbation by leaps and bounds.

The best is yet to come

(Excuse the expression.) But nearing and pulling back can make orgasms considerably more intense! Imagine what happens after the sexual fluids you’ve “pressurized” are suddenly released. Yes, it will spectacularly blow the lid off your sexual kettle.

Edging also doesn’t require a partner. Not to say that you can’t do it with another person, as it can be a fantastic addition to lovemaking. But a partner isn’t mandatory, so you can do it whenever and for as long as you want.

Edging with JETT is unlike any other method of orgasm control.

You could edge with only a dab of lubrication and your hand.

The thing is, the right sex toy will add a whole lot to your edging game time. It also offers new sensations and ways to play with your sexual response cycle.

What makes JETT so excellent for edging is the amount of control it provides. It constricts the shaft of the penis, enhancing the firmness and duration of erection. On top of that, the tightness of JETT’s squeeze can give you more control over your orgasm.

A Brief Aside About Cock Rings

Alas, I don’t have space here to do an in-depth examination of cock rings. Though briefly, a cock ring is a band of flexible material, typically rubber or latex, that’s slid over the shaft of a penis before being secured behind the testicles.

When in place, a cock ring’s gentle constriction will slightly restrict blood flow to the length and head of the penis, resulting in firmer and longer-lasting erections. Folks that enjoy testicular or perineal (taint) stimulation are raving fans of Hot Octopuss’ ATOM for this reason.

JETT is different in that it’s designed to sit toward the head of the penis. It adds more goodness by having two loops that secure two, independently controlled motors at the base of the glans (mushroom tip). High-frequency treble from one motor sings across the shaft to the deep rumbling bass from the other. Because of JETT’s placement, the intermingling of the bullets’ vibrations hyper-targets the frenulum with a symphony of sensations.

Employing JETT for Edging is as easy as it is pleasant

Keep in mind that you’ll always know what works best for you. My suggestion – especially if you’re unfamiliar with penis toys – is to play the first time sans vibrators.

Then, as you gain experience, try adding in one. Next, try both vibrators to experiment with how they affect your ability to approach and step back from orgasm.

Edging looks different for everyone... maybe even every time

It might go something like this: after realizing vibrator A and vibrator B running simultaneously gets you extremely aroused, you know you can use them to get real close to coming–and that switching one or both off or altering their vibrational intensity or patterns will have the opposite effect.

Bingo, you’ve found a great addition to your orgasmic toolkit! That doesn’t mean it’s the only one, as playing with other arousing combinations will undoubtedly reveal many more.

Coming To The End

As I said at the beginning of this article, denying yourself an orgasm may not sound like fun. But take my word for it: edging is a rare game where there’s no way to lose.

After all, when the worst that’ll happen is coming faster than you intended, it’s already far better than Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.

So get yourself a JETT and put aside time to familiarize yourself with it. Then have a blast seeing how close you can get to orgasming, pull back to let your arousal ebb, excite yourself again – and rinse and repeat.

And as you edge, you’ll be giving yourself the precious gift of sexual self-knowledge, and with it, the newfound ability to control when and how you come, as you unlock the most powerful orgasms of your life.

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