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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - Articles

Transforming ED suffering

We are extremely proud of how many men with ED we have helped, we get lots of reports from male fans who suffer with erectile dysfunction who have had their lives changed by our sex toys - find out more below


Man with ripped black jeans, with a tattooed arm and knee, wearing rings and bracelet

Situational ED: It’s Not Your Dick, It’s The Drugs

I have slept with a lot of men who have worried about their erections, and it’s time we talked about situational ED and drugs.

Man at the bar in leather jacket waiting to order alcohol

7 Random Facts About Brewer’s Droop

Temporary erectile dysfunction caused by alcohol – or ‘brewer’s droop’ – is something most men understand only too well. Overdoing the booze on a night out can mean a frustrating, horny evening once you’re home.

Sad man staring intensely ahead

Erectile Dysfunction Sex Aids: Then and Now

From evil spirits to impotence ‘courts’, history has some very strange tales to tell about erectile dysfunction. Luckily these days doctors have a good understanding of the causes of ED as well as how to treat it.

two men grabbing each others crotch

Erection Problems

Erection problems or erectile dysfunction (ED) don't have to put a stop to a satisfying sex life. Hot Octopuss products could be the answer. Our range of penis toys can help you orgasm without an erection.

JETT product on table

Can Sex Toys Help With Erectile Dysfunction? JETT Worked For Me

Can sex toys help with erectile dysfunction? The JETT penis vibrator certainly helped with mine, says blogger Michael Knight.

Older couple in sunlight, woman holding man's face and looking lovingly at him

Can’t Keep An Erection Long Enough For Sex

At 70, I am experiencing a lessening of my ability to keep an erection throughout sex. I have tried ED meds and they don’t seem to help. Is there anything else?

Man in silhouette standing against the sunset

Erectile Dysfunction: Coming Without An Erection?

It’s not every day you’re perusing a medical journal and you get the inspiration for a brand new sex toy. But some things just grab your attention – like the fact that there are medical tools which can induce ejaculation without the need for an erection.

Muscular man reclining on sofa, naked except for briefs, a thumb teasing what lurks below

New Sexual Pleasures For The Penis-equipped

Greetings, my fellow possessors of a particular. anatomical appendage! If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you something: what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say sex?



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