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There is a lot to try and do out there, but it is often best to read up and see if something sounds like a good fit for you before you jump in feet first, we have a ton of experts (sex-perts) on a whole range of awesome things you may want to try, or just fantasise about x


How To Host An Adult Halloween Play Party

How To Host An Adult Halloween Play Party

Halloween sex parties are becoming increasingly popular. It is a fresh take on a typical sex party, often referred to as a play party, by having a Halloween theme which typically tends to lean on BDSM but it is completely up to you.

Black and white image of man and woman in bed, man kissing her neck

Tech Sex Counts As ‘Real’ Sex

Guest blogger James Mycroft this month tackles the issue of ‘real sex’ versus ‘tech sex’ (i.e. using products like our toys to enhance sex life). And he explains why one isn’t any better (or realer) than the other.

Two men and one woman threesome having fun

Threesome Tips – How To Hook Up With A Couple For The First Time

Cherith Fuller loves being a unicorn – and after a lot of trial and error, here are her top threesome tips if you’re looking to hook up with a couple for the first time.

Nude woman sitting on red chair on beach, with short cropped hair

How To Find A Unicorn – Navigating Threesomes Ethically

Threesomes. Unicorns. They sound good in theory, but the risks are great. Girl On The Net gives advice on how to find your third and treat them right.

Woman kneeling in illuminated net curtains, wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset

Virtual Reality Porn: How To Watch It

At Hot Octopuss we’re fans of new technology, especially if that new technology can be paired with awesome sex toys like the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL. And nothing is more perfect for this than virtual reality porn, which puts you up close and personal with adult performers, either making it feel as if you’re in the same room or – in many cases – putting you right in the middle of the action, as it were.

Man in suit with tattoos on fingers, hands and arms with rings

Best Penis Toys: Tips From Experts

Our customers and reviewers are amazing. Not only do they have excellent taste, but they regularly get in touch with us to give us extra tips and tricks for using PULSE, our award-winning, flagship dick toy.

Sexy bearded topless man standing in desert

Hot Orgasm Tips For Guys

For most guys the way you orgasm, as well as the ease or strength of it, can change significantly over the years. At nineteen you may have been able to have an orgasm so powerful you punched holes in the drywall, but as you age there are lots of things that can affect the quantity and intensity of your orgasms.

Confident black woman punching the air

Friends With Benefits: Is It Right For You?

Friends With Benefits – is that even a real thing? Guest writer Wolfe gives us the nitty-gritty on the what, why, and how of this relationship style. Read on for advice on how to successfully navigate the world of Friends With Benefits.

Woman wearing a black hoodie and white rimmed sunglasses

7 Moves To Up Your Blowjob Game

If you’re dating a penis-owner, chances are, they want a blow job. But what if you don’t like performing oral sex or you just don’t know what to do? Here are field-tested tips for your inspiration and experimentation. Article by resident author, Queen P.

Fantasy cosplay of elves holding one another against a tree

How To Talk Dirty (Even If You’re Nerdy)

Dirty talk can crank up the heat in the bedroom – well, as long as you can get past the awkward part. Guest writer Sophia Reading cooked up a beginner’s guide to dirty talk, especially for grown-up geeks. Go on, you naughty wizard – talk nerdy to me.

Polyamory threesome cuddling and laughing in bed, two men, one woman

The Benefits Of Polyamory

Polyamory: is it a godsend or a ticking time bomb? Author Lucas Jackman gives a no-nonsense approach to evaluate the pros and cons of non-monogamous lifestyles. Read on to find out if polyamory might be a good option for you.