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Couples Play - Articles

Some toys are made to share

Here is an array of our favourite articles that can help you and your other half get into a little sexual mischief together


Sex Toys- The Valentines Collection

Solo & Couple Players – Here is Why You Must Buy a Sex Toy This Valentine's Day

February 14th - a day full of oh-so-very romantic gestures to demonstrate how much you love that special someone in your life. Here is Why You Must Buy a Sex Toy This Valentine's Day.

Semi naked couple in their underwear, being intimate in bed, woman in black bra and laughing

8 Cunnilingus Techniques Everyone Needs

The idea of going down on a woman for the first time, is enough to fill most of us with dread. There is an unspoken implication that, if you’re going to do it, you have to do it properly. You must drive her wild and her legs should absolutely be shaking like crazy, once you are done. Pressure indeed!

Woman with red lips kissing mans back

Can’t Enjoy Sex Anymore? Reclaiming Your Sex Life

It’s not unusual for vulva-owners to go through times when they can’t enjoy sex in the way they used to. In fact, it’s so common in older women that a major study on the topic was recently published in medical journal Menopause.

Topless muscular man in sepia, looking up

5 Of The Best Cock Ring Sex Tips

Got a cock ring? Want to find out how to make the most of it? We’ve got you covered, with this handy guide to the best cock ring sex tips.

Lesbian couple in matching underwear embracing on bed

Hands-Free Couples Masturbator: Best Sex Positions

So you’ve picked up an amazing PULSE DUO: suddenly all those weird and wonderful *Cosmo* sex positions are looking more interesting, with the added benefit of vibration for both of you.

Tired and bored couple in bed, not wanting to engage, with messy hair as well

5 Tips For When You’re Too Tired for Sex

Xennials have a running joke that we’re always tired. Our exhaustion is driven by the fact that we feel old, we’re working too many hours, and “adulting” is harder than we thought it would be. This constant low-grade tiredness stops us from doing what we want to do. Like have sex with our gorgeous partners.

Couple laying on their backs in bed, legs raised

Mutual Masturbation Tips For Couples

Ever thought about masturbating with your partner? While at first the idea can be surprising, couples often find that partnered masturbation comes quite naturally and adds an incredible dimension of hotness and closeness in the bedroom. Guest author M. Christian gives his top tips for couples exploring mutual masturbation.

Young couple in bed, woman straddling the man, wearing jean shorts and a white top, him topless

PULSE DUO LUX – My First Experience With This Couple’s Toy

New toys can be intimidating, especially when exploring them with a partner. Fresh from the research lab is guest author, Sophia Reading. This article is packed with advice and experience to support your exploration into the wonderful world of couple’s sex toys.

Black couple relaxing by the bath in their underwear, sharing glasses of wine

Boring Sex Begone!

Our newest writer makes a splash with this hard-hitting article on boring sex. Written with long term relationships in mind, this article delivers advice and concrete steps that you can take to start having a better sex life . . . tonight! Behold, guest author Sophia Reading’s take on banishing boring sex for good.

Couple cuddling intimately in empty bath

How To Get More Blowjobs

You get a BJ! And YOU get a BJ! And you ALL get BJs! Guest writer – and gold star long-term relationship holder – Sophia Reading gives deep insight into how you can get more blowjobs from your beloved.

Black woman with dark red lips and smoke curling out from her mouth

Learning How To Deepthroat

Deepthroating . . . should you be scared, excited, or calling in reinforcements? Our expert consultant assured us that with proper communication and preparation, most people can attain proficiency at this advanced fellatio technique – and even enjoy themselves! We approached sexfluencer Shakira Scott on the topic of deepthroating and this is what she had to say.

Cool woman stood over an orange motorcycle, with a tattooed arm

How To Eat Pussy

Chances are if your partner has a vulva, they’d like you to put your mouth on it. Many a crime has been forgiven, and many an argument thwarted, by the power of cunnilingus. Lifehack: if you are a generous vulva-whisperer, you’ll probably receive more oral sex too!

Lesbian couple cuddling in bath with coloured hair and tattooed arms and hands

How To Buy A Sex Toy For Your Partner: Part 2

How To Buy A Sex Toy For Your Partner Pt. II: back by popular demand! Here’s Queen P’s definitive shopping guide, aka “How To Buy Your Girlfriend A Sex Toy She Actually Wants For Valentine’s Day.”

Gay couple in white t-shirts hugging and happy together

How To Introduce Couples Sex Toys

Not everyone’s familiar with the idea of couples sex toys, so if you want to introduce them to your partner you might have to do a bit of explanation before you dive in.

Xmas couple holding each other, woman in knee high socks being swung

How To Buy A Sex Toy For Your Partner

Vibrators, cock rings, bondage cuffs, oh my! The decision to buy a sex toy for a partner can be thrilling... and nerve wracking. In this article, Queen P gives some pro tips on how to gift your partner a sex toy that they’ll use and love.

Couple having intense sex in bed, digging fingers into back

Why Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Orgasm – And What To Do About It

Ever wonder if your lady love is faking her orgasm? In this article guest writer, James Mycroft shines some light on the orgasm gap and what you can do in the bedroom to make her feel like the luckiest woman alive.

Man and woman standing in bedroom with sheets at their feet

Male Vibrator Tips – Bringing A Male Vibrator Into Your Bedroom

Introducing your girlfriend or wife to your favourite sex toy can be a little tricky. Some women may feel threatened by the presence of a male vibrator in your bedroom. Others might not know how to use one, or worry that they’re not able to compete with the toy when it comes to giving you the most amazing orgasms. Well, we’re here to help.

Couple holding each other close on a sunny day

Games To Play With Couples Sex Toys

It’s easy to fall into the trap of discussing sex toys in the kind of flowery language you’d use in a romance novel. Particularly when you’re talking about couples’ sex toys – they’re ‘sensual’ things, that you use to ‘seduce’ your partner.

Lesbian couple laying in bed wearing white

Have Amazing Sex Without Penetration

What counts as sex? From the first kids who asked this question in the playground, to the sheepish couple trying to negotiate their way out of a train toilet without getting arrested, we’ve long been worried about a question that doesn’t really need an answer.



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