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Best Sex Toys For Women - Articles

Whether you want to stimulate your alone time or your not so alone time we have a range of articles that walk you through the best methods, and of course female sex toys, to entice your desire and bring you pleasure.


Gracie holding the KURVE G-Spot Vibrator - with tentacle

KURVE G-spot Toy Reviews

KURVE G-spot vibrator is a smash hit! Here are just a few of the rave reviews flooding our inboxes with delight. Thirsty for the juicy details from those who’ve experienced KURVE’s squishy tip and Treble and Bass motors first hand?

Senior black couple laughing, hugging, looking at each other

Can You Have Good Sex After Menopause?

“Is there sex after menopause?” a reader asked, dismayed by her sexual changes. Sex after menopause does have its challenges — that’s why I keep writing [books about senior sex](https://joanprice.com/books). But I’m here from decades past menopause to tell you that life at this age can be fabulous — including the sex.

Three DiGiT products falling on a black background

Finger Vibrator Reviews: Our Top Five DiGiT Posts So Far

Since our sleek and sexy DiGiT launched last month we’ve been eagerly watching the finger vibrator reviews come buzzing in. So what’s the testers’ verdict? Here are our top five reviews so far…

Woman in sexy lingerie laying on bed after using vibrating wand

Unusual Sex Toy Tips From Vibrating Wand Fans

When we started making sex toys, we quickly learnt that our customers are just as innovative as we are when it comes to exploring pleasure. Every week they send us their unusual sex toy tips, telling us how they turbo-charge their experience with our products.

Sexy woman laying on bed showing middle finger with a tattooed arm

Clitoral Stimulation: More Varied Than You Think

Clitoral Stimulation – If you’ve used the same masturbation technique all your life, it’s easy to forget – or simply never realise – just how many different ways there are to stimulate yourself.

Young woman winking at camera whilst spraying flowers with garden hose

WAP: The Eighth Wonder Of The World

You may need to sit down for this one, with your minds (and legs) open. In recent years, women have been taking back their sexuality and with that comes the waterfall that is female ejaculation!

Female solo masturbation - female sex toys articles

Solving The Mystery Of The G-spot

The Mystery of the G-spot: Wondering how to locate the G-spot in your partner or yourself? With the right information and tools, we think you’ll be pleased with what you find. The G-spot: maybe it’s not so elusive after all.

Blindfolded woman laying in bed with a present

G-Spot Toys: Should I Buy One For My Partner?

If your partner has expressed desire to explore G-spot stimulation, then the answer is simple: you should most definitely buy her a G-spot toy. But if either of you have any apprehension, we’ll address that in this article. Read on to bust the myths and learn how to pick out the very best G-spot toys for your lucky lady.

Woman in front of waterfall

G-spot Orgasms: The Difference It Makes

In this article, we’ll explain how and why G-spot orgasms offer a world of pleasure to vulva owners. Whether you’re single or partnered, read on to get a taste of the wonderous delights of G-spot orgasms.

Black woman in leather looking cool and sassy

Surprising Facts About The Clit

The clitoris: is it a myth, a mystery . . . or a carnivorous plant? We searched far and wide for the most interesting and least-known facts about the clit. Curious to learn more about the only body part whose exclusive purpose is to provide pleasure? Go on, read it.



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