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If there’s one thing that has been true of the human race since the start of time, it’s that as a species we’re pretty keen on sexual pleasure. From the first cave paintings of crudely-drawn penises to modern tech that allows us to perfectly recreate the hills and valleys of a vulva, our interest in sex hasn’t waned. But the ways in which we seek and understand pleasure have changed immensely. New ideas and technologies mean we have a window into sexual desire that we simply haven’t had before.

That’s why this week we were intrigued by Ask Men’s top 100 of sex: a collection of ideas, media, and technology that have all contributed to the evolution of sex, giving us a better understanding of our bodies and emotions surrounding all things sexy. You can see the full list here, and below we wanted to dive into some of the trends.

Evolution of Sex: Curiosity

It may have killed the cat, but curiosity has driven a number of cool new things in sex. Museums such as the New York Museum of Sex and the Icelandic Phallological Museum (a giant collection of giant – and not-so-giant – penises) are becoming increasingly popular. Recently the London Wellcome Collection ran an exhibition as well as workshops on all things sexy, and the South Bank Centre got in on the act too with talks and workshops to help people explore their sexual ideas.

And it’s not just physical museums: the store of online information and advice on sex is growing rapidly too, as people seek out answers to their burning questions. We may always have been curious about sex, but the internet means we can put great sex advice into the hands of anyone who cares to Google it – whether that’s tips for hands-free orgasm or advice on delayed ejaculation.

Evolution of Sex: Communication

Alongside our curiosity, we’re also getting better at communicating about sex. In the Ask Men Top 100 they reference a few films and TV shows that have sparked off conversations – and maybe more. Ask Men suggests that Game of Thrones could potentially spark something of a baby boom:

“While people love Game of Thrones for its addicting storylines and super-hot characters (try the Game of Boobs quiz), it might also produce a baby boom. Because GoT is a rare example of a show that widely appeals to both sexes while mixing in plenty of sex, more and more twosomes are taking the time on Sundays to tune in together, get riled up from watching the show, spark conversation about what happened, and ultimately, let out some of that dragon breath in the bedroom.”

There are also some incredible communicators and educators included on the list. Dr Emily Morse, who runs the incredibly popular ‘Sex With Emily’ podcast (and who we were lucky enough to meet at EroFame this year!) is described as the ‘nation’s sex educator.’ Also on the list of influencers is Cindy Gallop, who founded Make Love Not Porn with the aim of communicating that ‘real world sex’ and ‘porn sex’ can be very different things.

Evolution of Sex: Invention

There are lots of apps and devices mentioned in the Ask Men Top 100, but to us one of the greatest inventions in there doesn’t come with buttons: it’s a tiny little pill. PrEP (which stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) – a drug which can be taken by people at risk of contracting HIV. Trials have shown that PrEP could be a huge lifesaver if rolled out widely, preventing potentially millions of people from contracting the virus.

On the tech front, websites like OMGYes (which gives tips and advice on all the myriad different ways women can orgasm) and bluetooth sex toys rank highly. And for those looking for love, dating app Bumble makes an appearance – its selling point is that it is designed to help women cut though all the noise from suitors who make no effort. At the shallower end, The League Dating App allows you to filter based on… well… it’s designed to only show you people who are ‘in your league.’ We’re less keen on this one, because realistically league systems – like dating rules – were surely made to be broken.

Extra highlights from the Ask Men top 100…

And because we can’t resist just pulling out a few things and pointing out how cool they are:

– One Night Standard app – an app which lets you book hotel rooms at the last minute, often by the hour. So now you can have that fresh-sheets-shag any time you like, without necessarily breaking the bank.

– GuyFi booth – of course we had to mention the fact that Ask Men chose our GuyFi booth as one of the weird and wonderful additions to our list. A masturbation booth to help you relieve stress on the go? What’s not to like?

– Butt stuff – yeah, we just liked the fact that ‘butt stuff’ was included on the list as a ‘trend.’ We’re going to bet that it’s a trend which won’t disappear any time soon.

Check out the full Ask Men Evolution of Sex Top 100 here, and let us know in the comments: what’s your favourite addition? Are there any sex trends or toys that you think should have made it onto the list?

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