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Ask Zentai: To Squirt Or Not To Squirt?

Dear Zentai,
I’d really like to help my wife squirt. How can we make this happen? Once it happens will it happen all or most of the time?
– Squirty Hubby, St. Louis USA

Hi Squirty Hubby,

Thanks for the query! I’ve only known one person who started squirting on accident after intentionally learning how to do it. This is very rare. And she needed to be in a state of extreme arousal and using a Hitachi, so it’s not like it was just happening all the time. It’s just that her baseline sexual activity always included extreme arousal and a Hitachi, so . . . she eventually bought a waterproof sheet.

Most people have to work at unleashing the squirt, and it’s often a gradual or intermittent ramp up. While your wife is on the journey of figuring out what works for her, sometimes it won’t happen, sometimes it will, and sometimes it’ll be just a little squirt.

Over time her ability to squirt will become more reliable, but it is highly unlikely that it will happen without intentional stimulation (whether that be from a special g-spot toy or a specific position, often cowgirl.)

So dig in! Just keep a towel handy.
– Zentai


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