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Ask Zentai: Prostate Stimulation & KURVE

Dear Zentai,
Can guys use KURVE?
KURVE sounds like it could be an interesting prostate massager/p-spot stimulator for guys in the same way the tip “smooshes” out flat. I’m wondering if it had the reach/length so-to-speak to be able to do that where the average guy’s prostate is a few inches inside their bum…
I would think the vibrations would introduce a hole new (pardon the über cheesy pun; couldn’t resist) type of orgasm that other hard/firmer vibes and dildos just can’t?
– Hole In One, Florida USA

Hey Hole In One,
  1. Your pun made my day.
  2. Guys can definitely use KURVE. (We’ve been testing it plenty in-house.)
And yes, the smoosh is divine. 
a person does happy baby yoga pose on back with knees spread wide

Photo by Christie Collins

Some folks have more deeply placed prostates than others. And for them I recommend the same thing that I do for vulva owners with deeper holes – cover the handle with a layer of plastic wrap and then carry on with your bad self. In an effort to make the buttons larger and easier to push for those with mobility issues, KURVE’s handle does take up a bit of real estate on the toy, making the insertable length 5 inches. But with a layer of cling wrap, you can still press the buttons through the film and increase the insertable length by at least 2 inches. If your guy is extra cavernous, the popular yoga pose “happy baby” can put your target within reach. 

This roundup of KURVE reviews, while vulva-centric, contains many helpful references on measurements, sensations, and performance


We’ll need to get a collection of prostate KURVE reviews in the works, so thanks for the inspiration!
– Zentai 

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