8 Reasons To Try A Couples’ Sex Toy

If you’ve never tried a couples’ sex toy, then now is probably the perfect time to pick one up: we’ve just launched the next generation of our award-winning couples’ sex toy – the PULSE III DUO.

Designed to wrap around the penis and stimulate it with deep, oscillating vibrations, PULSE III DUO comes with an even more powerful external motor too. So while one of you enjoys the throb of stimulation through the head and shaft of your penis, the other gets the benefit of intense clitoral vibrations.

Not persuaded yet? Check out our reasons to try a couples’ sex toy:

1. Couples’ sex toys are great value for money

Not only can you use it together, each of you can use it when you’re on your own too. It’s basically a 3-in-1. Couples sex toys give you more bang for your buck: fact.

2. Couples sex toys count as a ‘both of us’ present

Christmas is coming up, and while it’s often considered a bit of a faux pas to buy someone a present that’s secretly for you, with couples sex toys they’re legitimately for both of you.

3. Sex is much more exciting than Netflix

You’ve given up on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones isn’t out yet – what better way to entertain yourselves until the next box set release?

4. It makes a great display piece in your home

Because what’s the point of ditching housemates and moving in with your lover if you can’t put your prettiest sex toys on display? The PULSE III DUO is a beautiful thing. It looks like a cross between a space helmet and a mini designer clutch bag. Sneak it onto a bookshelf to make your living room look more futuristic and arty.

5. One word: bathtime

The new PULSE III DUO is completely waterproof, so it can be submerged in the bath. This means that instead of writhing around and trying to have sex while sloshing water everywhere, you can enjoy a romantic, bubbly shag while letting the powerful motors do most of the work.

6. You’ll have fun fighting over if you break up

No one likes the post-break-up argument about who owns which saucepans. Spice it up a bit by arguing instead over who gets to keep your favourite couples’ sex toy.

7. It’ll keep you both warm in the winter

Save on heating bills by squishing together for warmth, and trying out all the different positions in which you can use PULSE III DUO.

8. It comes highly recommended

If our reasons to try couples’ sex toys haven’t quite persuaded you, perhaps top sex blogger The Big Gay Review can help – he gave the earlier PULSE II DUO model 10/10 in his review, and veteran sex toy tester Cara Sutra also gave it 10/10 – agreeing with us that it’s “a fun and erotic addition to shared bathtimes.”

And those are the second generation ones – you can pick up the new, improved PULSE III DUO now.


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