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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Masturbation

Flicking the bean. Busting a nut. Think you know everything about masturbation? Put your knowledge to the test with these fun and surprising findings by resident blogger, Queen P.

Regardless of it being the MOST popular search word in PornHub’s Sexual Wellness Center, the topic of masturbation still has some people squirming in their seats… and not in a sexy way.  Masturbation is a healthy lifestyle activity and, for some, is scheduled as such! Working this taboo topic into your daily or weekly routine might actually offer some added health benefits.

What’s all the Fuss About?

Duh, masturbation feeeeels good but is it really good FOR you? Contrary to popular belief, masturbation has mental, emotional AND physical benefits. Let’s break the taboo by learning and talking about it. Fuck the shame, fuck the stigma, self-pleasure is awesome! So, let’s ditch those hairy hand myths and dive on into why solo sex is just as beneficial as a morning jog.

Without further ado…

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Masturbation

#1 Masturbation Promotes Better Sleep

Have you ever masturbated yourself to sleep? Or gotten so cosy after a solo sesh, that you drift off into a delicate slumber? When getting busy with yourself or a partner, your muscles work to promote better release, thus tiring them out in the process. When you finally reach your peak, letting go of all the energy and tension leaves you with a satisfyingly tired feeling. After orgasm, your body is naturally releasing oxytocin, which sexperts like Shawntres A. Parks, refer to as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ This helps us regulate multiple processes of the brain including—you guessed it—sleep! Parks says this is partly why we want to nod off after sex – elevated oxytocin promotes sleep.

#2 Masturbation Decreases Stress Levels

Masturbation can get you to leave the stressors of the day at your bedroom door. When pleasuring yourself, endorphins are released, which are responsible for boosting one’s overall mood. These endorphins are not only mood boosters but also have beneficial impacts in managing stress levels. Even without the endorphins, masturbation helps you get more in your body and focus on sensations rather than your everyday work, family, or relationship issues.

Orgasm or not, any sort of sexual stimulation has the ability to relieve some stress. So, why not take a load off? 😉

#3 Masturbation Increases Libido

Hot Octopuss Digit Finger Vibrator Sex ToyOnce you start to incorporate masturbation as part of your routine, the more you want it! Haven’t been in the mood lately? Masturbation can get you back on the saddle and back in the sack! Giving yourself pleasure can boost your confidence and make you feel sexy in your own skin. This in turn can make you more likely to initiate sex.

For women, if your hands feel foreign to you, toys are great alternatives! Not feeling called to a giant Magic Wand or straight-up dildo? A finger vibrator can be a non-intimidating option. DiGiT slips on your finger with a ring and is designed to feel like an extension of your hand.

And for men, if you’re growing weary of your same old masturbation routine, try some toys. Guybrators like PULSE SOLO LUX and JETT can open you up to new sensations and give a new perspective on pleasure.

#4 Masturbation Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Prostaglandins are the hormones responsible for causing the uterus contraction which ends up causing pain and discomfort to the abdominal region.

The best way to counteract that is with endorphins. Endorphins are beneficial in managing the impacts of the prostaglandins, keeping them in check for a better experience through the menstrual cycle. And guess what? Masturbation piques the release of endorphins to help get you through those monthly menstruation woes.

#5 Masturbation Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer

According to recent research from Harvard University, men who have 21 or more orgasms per month could cut their odds of getting prostate cancer by 33%. While it’s not confirmed why orgasms can be a key to better health, Ian Kerner, PhD, a psychotherapist and sexuality counsellor in New York City, believes that ejaculation might flush out harmful toxins and bacteria, which would otherwise build up in the prostate. And remember, there isn’t a physiological difference between ejaculation from masturbation or sex, so add this to the list of why you should schedule more sexy time with your partner . . . or yourself!


There are countless benefits to masturbation and this list only scratches the surface! Working to add masturbation into your everyday life will not only improve your overall health and well-being but also forge a new sense of life into your sexual routine!


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