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11 Things To Do While You Have A Hands-Free Orgasm

Not to brag, but PULSE II SOLO is capable of giving you a hands-free orgasm. Many PULSE owners have liberated themselves from the monotony of manual masturbation and all the troubles that go with it: having to use a mouse with their non-dominant hand, getting lube all over their phone screen, being unable to masturbate and drink a cup of tea at the same time…

Naturally freeing up both your hands during masturbation takes some getting used to – like winning the lottery and suddenly finding you need to choose what to spend your money on. So here are our suggestions of 11 things to do while you treat yourself to a hands-free orgasm. Add your own in the comments, because, hell – you’ve got both hands free to type now…

Things to do while you have a hands-free orgasm

1. Sext

Your partner may be missing out on your hands free orgasm, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take part virtually. Use both hands to send them a fast and legible text at the point of climax.

2. Get some chores done

Unlike most male sex toys, PULSE II SOLO can be used when flaccid or erect. So no matter how tedious the chore is, you can make it more interesting by wearing your PULSE and experiencing the vibrations while you work.

3. Read a book

OK, you could technically do this one-handed, but you’ll need to turn the pages at some point. Grab a seriously hot holiday read – like this compilation of Best Women’s Erotica (hint: it ain’t just for women) and enjoy a hands-free orgasm while you’re buried in the literary equivalent of an orgy.

4. Do some bicep curls

Because with all the hands-free orgasms, you wouldn’t want your important muscles to waste away.

5. Write that novel you’ve always meant to get round to

Just because your penis is being subjected to delicious, deep oscillating vibrations doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Shakespeare would have done it if he’d had the technology.

6. Knit a scarf

It’s spring now, so if you get cracking it should be finished in time for Christmas.

7. Build a giant, person-sized Lego castle

In your Lego castle, no one will burst in on you when you’re enjoying your ‘alone time’.

8. Play Xbox

Or Playstation, Wii, or whatever floats your boat. Any game is fair game, although we recommend you avoid Hungry Hippos – you don’t want anything getting caught in their jaws.

9. Eat a hot dog

It’s hungry work, so masturbation and food go together like sausage and… well the other kind of sausage. Just ask food delivery company Eat24, which tested takeaway ads on porn sites and got some spectacular results.

10. Take a photo/video

Seriously – there is so much PULSE porn out there we don’t know where to start with it. Check out some of our (very NSFW) testimonials at the bottom of this page for a taster, then get your creative thinking cap on. If you’ve got a recent version of the iPhone, you can even film your hands free orgasm in slow mo.

11. Wash your hair

If you’re after a more traditional thing to do while you’re having a hands-free orgasm, then check out this review from couples’ sex toy site Xtracurricular:

“Once my penis is erect in Pulse II I’m able to let go of holding the toy as the wings keep it in place. This means not only can I get intense pleasure, I can multitask and wash my hair and body at the same time!”

And if that’s not enough, we’re sure you can think of some more…


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