Should Supermarkets Sell Sex Toys?

The Daily Mail recently reported that a mum is boycotting Boots after finding her son playing with a sex toy near the checkouts. And this week, Superdrug announced a new deal with Ann Summers to sell a selection of ‘sexcessories’, to ‘meet the demands of busy, modern women who want their beauty, cosmetic and sexual needs met all at once in one place‘.

Meanwhile, Fifty Shades of Grey has become the bestselling book in Britain since records began, according to the Telegraph. And sex toys sales generally have shot up since the 50 Shades phenomenon (by 400% say Cosmopolitan).

So if the high street is so kindly meeting all the needs of women, why not men (and couples) too? And why not in supermarkets? They already sell men’s magazines and erotica.

What do you think?

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